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Photo By Franz Scheurer
Welcome to The Odd Whisky Coy!
Australia's only specialist on-line whisky retailer.  So if you are looking for fine, rare, odd and downright drinkable single malt whiskies plus other amusing dark spirits, then this is the place for you!  Direct to your door, my aim is to give the Australian malt drinker the latest and greatest in single malt whiskies and lots, lots more.

And now, you can follow me on the very new fashioned...


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So who am I?
My name is Graham Wright: you may remember me from the old Baily & Baily days in Adelaide, where we built up one of the largest retail outlets for single malts in Australia.  Well I've moved on.  And so did my customers.  With a little nudging from them, the team at Oddbins Wine Auctions and my old boss, Martin Baily, I set up the Odd Whisky Coy. So you could say that we are still keeping the "spirit" well and truly alive in Oz.

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from The Big G
A New Spirit
For 2014!

The Joy Of...
Cadenhead Strathclyde Grain 1989
24yo Bourbon 700ml 46%

Aged Grain Whisky!

Aah! The joys of a well aged grain whisky. It's not for every one, but once you have tasted their superb complexity...you'll be hooked. In

In Mark Watt's of Cadenhead's words, "Nose Lots of vanilla. Oily, creamy, white pepper and lots of lemon notes. Palate Oily; maize, lots of buttery notes. A touch salty with a hint of white chocolate. Finish Lingering oily notes; olives and a growing saltiness and pears."

Only 504 bottles produced.

Members Price: $159

The Collectors

  On Old Offering...
Cragganmore 12yo
750ml 40%

 From The Old Classic Malts Range...

From a bygone era of whisky production. This whisky comes from a collection that was purchased by the owner between 1988 and 1992, hence this whisky could have been distilled either in the 1970’s or early 1980’s.

Sadly the collector disposed of the original packaging! The whisky is in good condition, however, some may have less than perfect fill levels, please refer to the pic. Aaah the tyranny of age. The pic is of the actual bottle.

Members Price: $90
Full Retail: $110

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  Odd Whisky...


The Odd Whisky Coy
Whisky Of The Week

So Very Young...
Chichibu 3yo Ichiros Malt
The Peated 700ml 50.5%
But So Magnificent!

 Star of the recent Wheatty Feisty & Boisterous tasting, this young dram is a gem. Full bodied, lush oak and barley and then there's the all enveloping peat. This is one of the finest and most exciting Japanese malts I've seen in ages.

It's big, it's mouthfilling and so very enjoyably peaty.

And yes, the age statement is correct!"

Members Price: $190
Full Retail price: $260

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Whisky Of The Month
For August...

A Joy To Behold
Tobermory 15yo
700ml 46.3%

  Brilliant Mix Of Sherry & Peat...

A big massive sherry monster, and in the words of the distillery, "Medium to full bodied. Rich sherry fruit cake, milk chocolate, creamy toffee, light oak, a hint of white pepper creating a lovely spicy tang. Finish: Softly spicy, tingling with a nutty note, a hint of salt, lingering then gently fades."

In Jim Murray's opinion, "dripping with fresh, clean, ultra high quality oloroso" 93pts in 2012.

Members Price: $138
Retail: $190

What I'm Drinking
At The Moment..

So Intense...

Blackadder Raw Cask Glen Keith
1993 20yo 700ml 56.2%

Yet So Floral...

From a distillery that has been mothballed for a big chunk of its life, to a distillery that was built to imitate the Islay style. Welcome to Glen Keith. You have to feel sorry for this distillery as no official bottling exists of it anymore.

This bottling then from Robin Tucek, is a triple treat: it’s from Glen Keith, it’s a rare private bottling and it is so very well aged. The house style is flowery, the Blackadder style is intensive!

Members: $210
Normally: $250


What's Hot
In Scotch..

Scottish Triple...
Hazelburn 10yo
Rundlets & Kilderkins 700ml 50.1%

Full Bodied & Rich...

Now I am led to believe that this is final R&K from Springbank. This time those small 60 and 80 lt casks are used with Springbank's tripe distilled whisky, Hazelburn.

In Springbank's words, "Elegant yet complex with a combination of spices, sweeter candy notes, butterscotch, marzipan and sugared almonds. A rich oily texture is derived from its maturation in small casks, giving the impression of a maturity beyond its 10 years."

Members Price: $148

A Dram Good Read...

Read All About It!
Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2014

The most comprehensive whisky guide ever written, now further expanded with 1,350 new entries. The world’s best selling guide to all types of whisky including Scotch single malt, blends, vatted malts, single grains, Irish, bourbon, rye, Japanese, Canadian, Australian, European and many others.

And always a dram good read!

Members Price: $25.00

From The USA...

That Crazy American Glass Is Coming Soon!

And the news gets better as it is now the official judging glass of the San Francisco International Spirits Competition

So here we have it, a glass designed for nosing as well tasting...once you get used to it. But that's the fun with these glasses. They deliver all they promise.

Coming Soon!

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Big G's Guide To The
Best Whisky Bars In Aust...

The Big G's most excellent guide to the Best Whisky Establishments of Australia. 
And I'm always open to suggestions!

Some good sugesstions...

WA : Helvetica Bar & Rockpool Perth
& Print Hall
QLD: Cru Bar 
NSW: Eau de Vie
& Baxter Inn
VIC: City Wine Shop/Supper Club &
Whisky & Alement
TAS: Lark Distillery
SA: The Rob Roy & The Wheatsheaf

ACT: The Deck At Regatta Point 
NT: Help Pls



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