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Ardbeg Auriverdes
700ml 49.90%
Ardbeg Day 2014 Release It's all about football but the dram is highly intriguing. Fuller notes to follow...but in the meantime here's some official notes, "The casks are American white oak ex-Bourbon barrels, which were shipped over from the United States as per the norm. The insides of the barrels had therefore been charred in the traditional, Bourbon specification manner. From Caskstrength.com, "Nose: Hot, with some distinct Ardbeg smokiness (sweet cure bacon), alongside a little dry spiciness, a big waft of vanilla pipe tobacco, expresso coffee, a touch of ginger and an injection of some lighter citrus zest - fresh lemon and lime. It's powerful, but with a light touch alongside - think Didier Drogba... Palate: More classic Ardbeg fullness, the smoke turning a little more medicinal, with greener notes (fresh orchard fruit) and something a little more savoury - sweet potato perhaps? There is a youthful zestiness at play too but the mouthfeel is superb, with more smoked meat, vanilla and a candied sweetness - the 10 year old is a good reference point, but it has a little more depth alongside. Finish: Surprisingly dry, with a lingering oaky spice, some sooty residue and a last-gasp citrus bite."

Glengyle Kilkerran Work In Progress 3 Green Label 7yo
700ml 46.00%
Here's the next stage in the evolution of a brand new malt. And it just gets better all the time. The feintiness of the last edition is gone, the oak influence is now getting richer and the malt quality seems to be fatting up. So guess what? Its starting to show some maturity! Heres my notes from a Dec 2011 Perth tasting: Nose: herbs, creamy American oak, vanilla, initially lots of alcohol lift with hints of kitchen spice, a touch of peat and sadly a hint of rubber (possible some feints still creeping through) Palate: Bright, lively and kitchen spicy. Long palate, vanilla cream oak, crisp maltiness, big dollop of mid palate sweetness. Finish: Long lasting oak creaminess. What do I reckon? Well worth the try! (pic indicative only)

Springbank 13yo Green Sherry Casks
700ml 46.00%
The new for 2016 release of Springbank's organic barley malt and now a year older. To be certified organic, the oak had to be new. With Springbank, this was not going to happen. And bravo for the sherry casks! From WhiskyNotes, "A nicely sherried variation on last year�s Green 12yo. It�s definitely less austere this time, with more fruity roundness. More towards the 18 Year Old profile." While the distillery describes it as, "The palate is fruity with raisins and orange zest to the fore. Marzipan, vanilla and soft sherry notes are also present."

An Cnoc Peter Arkle Casks Edition
700ml 46.00%
A special release from An Cnoc that celebrates the artistic talents of Scotland's premier illustrator, Peter Arkle. The Casks Edition is An Cnoc matured in American oak with further maturation on Spanish Oloroso sherry casks. Now that must be a rarity, The use of Spanish oak that is. In their words, "Nose Sweet and full-bodied bursting with spicy vanilla and rich toffee aromas followed by fresh lemons, cooked green apples and a just hint of coconut. Colour Light amber. Taste Sweet, warm and spicy. Dried fruit cake, creamy vanilla and toffee are followed by a distinct note of zesty orange peel and enveloped in leathery richness."

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Glen Moray 1992 24yo
700ml 50.90%
I suspect that there are not many over 20yo Glen Morays in existence, especially at cask strength. This distillate comes from the old owners, Macdonald and Muir, whoi went onto become Glenmorangie Plc. Official notes read, "Green apple skins, touches of cocoa powder, mango and passion fruit." I'm guessing that it is quite a fruity dram?

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Glentauchers 1990 26yo
700ml 52.60%
It's a tad confusing: there are the official 17th Anniversary bottlings as indicated on the label and there are these that sport the 175th outer packaging. An early distillate from Allied Distillers after a 5 year closure of the distillery by UDV. So, distilled in 1990, bottled 2017, 3 x ex Bourbons casks, out-tun: 420 bottles. From Mark Watt, "Blackcurrants, cherries, brown sugar, green apple skins and very chewy."

Cadenhead Single Cask Teaninich 1983 32yo
700ml 47.50%
A massive, 10mill lts per annum, Diageo owned distillery where almost all of the production goes into Johnnie Walker. The only official release has been a 10yo Flora & Fauna. So a 32yo, ex bourbon hogshead matured dram appears in my warehouse. Wow! From Cadenhead's head honcho, Mark Watt, "More orangey notes emerge along with some distant perfumed smoke, green tea; basil and oregano." Only 162 bottles released world-wide.

Cadenhead Small Batch Deanston 1994 19yo
700ml 56.40%
Deanston! What the f....I've never liked in the past as they are usually sulfured, hard and awkward in style. But this is different: it's so clean! No wonder they got rid of this barrel, it would not have suited their official style in the 1990's. In their words, "Nose Waxy fruits and green apple skins along with some cold meats. Lots of lemon notes, some olives and fig chutney. Palate Spiced apples, green bananas, whole limes and coconut milk. Fresh cut grass and lots of fragrant herbs. Finish White wine, watermelon, cloves and a little oily." Only 846 bottles produced.

Blackadder Raw Cask Auchentoshan 1991 23yo
700ml 51.30%
Blackadder Raw Cask: It's the one with the bits in it and at cask strength! And for 2016, a triple distilled whisky, famous for it's lightness...but not in this form! Cask strength and so very well aged. All American oak matured, only 144 bottles produced. Notes from an OS retailer, "Ha! A lot happening in this one, with many oranges and many aromatic herbs plus many tinned fruits, esp. litchis. Blood oranges, cranberries, a little green cardamom, some jellybeans and a wee feeling of good sauvignon blanc. Again, lots happening. With water: perfect, fresh, fruity and slightly cakey. Comments: swims like a champ. As good as a middle-aged Auchentoshan can get."

English Whisky Co Chapter 3 Not Yet Whisky
700ml 46.00%
That's right, the first English malt spirit for over 100 years. Very much a work in progress, but you get to taste just how good this spirit is. This one is made by ex Green King brewer David Fitt, it's unpeated and has been matured in ex Jim Beam casks for 1 year, and yes the flavour of Jim Beam does come through.

Cadenhead Green Label 175th 2002 14yo Jamaica Rum
700ml 46.00%
Full, rich and fruity Jamaican rum, what a treat. And at 14 years of age. Official notes state, "A rum full and loaded with green banana, cooked bean sprouts; enveloping richness, with dried apricots in the foreground."

Cadenhead Green Label 175th 2008 9yo Panama Rum
700ml 46.00%
It's a mystery to me as our allocation was very small. All I can say, is what an exotic location to make rum. According to Cadenhead tasters, "full and fruity. Hot milk with a splash of caramel. Roasted pistachios with some suggestion of milk chocolate."

Cadenhead Green Label Haiti Rum 9yo
700ml 46.00%
Noe this is a first for me, rum from Haiti. Influenced by the French agricole tradition, this lighter in colour style is still big on flavour. All ex bourbon oak matured, no coluringa and it probably originated from that very famous distiller Barbancourt. In their words, "Nose Minty sweet notes along with a lively hit of eucalyptus at first but this is soon tempered by a rich sweet fruity note. Palate Sweet and very rich to start, some tropical fruits and all spice mingle with a rich oily middle palate of soft peaches and honey. Finish Clean soft fruity finish, summer on the beach comes to mind as this well balanced rum finishes its dance across the palate."

Cadenhead Green Label Jamaica Rum 13yo
700ml 46.00%
Said to come from the Long Pond Distillery, so it should have been made through a continuous still. Full flavoured, no colouring, ex bourbon barrel matured and of course well aged! In their words, "Nose Summer pudding. Clean crisp green apples and grape juice. Palate Clean soft start, some sweet cookie dough raisin and vanilla pod, ice cream cones with runny honey tones. Finish Some oak and spice mingle with pears and spice, soft white fruits and a little citrus tone."

SEARCH   CATALOGUE - Search for: green
  ITEMS 1 TO 14 OF 14
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