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Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 6 Oloroso & PX Sherry Casks
700ml 56.10%
New batch for 2017. It's big, it's sherried and of course it's cask strength. Oloroso and PX sherry casks are the order of the day.

Glenfarclas 511.19s.0d Family Reserve
700ml 43.00%
A special release from Glenfarclas to help celebrate 150 years of the Grants owning Glenfarclas. Predominantly first fill sherry oak but a no age statement 43% dram that should be really tasty but in a lighter style, more like the current 17yo which is a gem. From WhiskyNotes DE, "soft but not weak. A whole lot drier than expected. Still some honey and golden raisins but also orange marmalade, nutty notes, cinnamon powder and nutmeg. Light toasted oak and a hint of burnt cake. Funny how the palate is more earthy and savoury than the nose suggested."

Glenfiddich 15yo Distillery Edition Litre
1000ml 51.00%
A big bottle of the 'Fid!

Glenlivet Founders Reserve
700ml 40.00%
From a big distillery in its most basic form, I have to say there isn't really much wrong with it. Simple yet direct.

Glenlivet Founders Reserve 2 Glass Gift Pack
700ml 40.00%
The every reliable Glenlivet with two beaut glasses.

Kintra Mortlach 1998 14yo Bourbon Cask Sherry Cask Finish
700ml 48.60%
A rather tasty Mortlach, love that richness, with a nice dose of sherry. Pic indicative only.

Macallan 12yo Big Sherry Oak
1750ml 43.00%
It�s Macallan� It�s Sherried� It�s Huge! 11750ml of pure sherried joy. This is a dying breed. Age statements are on the way out and getting hold of sherry Maccas in Oz has become an almost impossible task, so this 750ml bottling comes from the USA. The nose is that inviting mixture of dried fruits, a hint of furniture polish, crisp malt and kitchen spicy oak. Brilliant, as the sherry fruit flavours appear not to be too fresh or too cloying. Big palate, long palate, there�s that famed Macca heavy weight spirit, grippy oak. The sherry influence is on the milder side, thus showing off that magic weighty Macallan spirit to its fullest. Lingering. Very much a treat.

Macallan 21yo Fine Oak Triple Oak
700ml 43.00%
An older possibly pre- 2015 bottling of a Macca FO 21yo, and doesn't it look dark? The Triple Casks refer to the whisky being matured in Spanish oak with sherry, American oak with sherry and American oak with bourbon contained in them. Typical Macallan richness and fruitiness. Now highly collectible.

Mortlach Rare Old
500ml 43.40%
This is art of the new incarnation of the fabulously rich, flavoursome and very hard to come by Mortlach. Matured both in bourbon and sherry casks. Be warned, it comes in a 500ml bottle. From Whisky For Every One, "On the palate this feels robust, a little feisty and hot. There is a lovely battle going on between the sweet, savoury and spicy notes. First comes delicious sweet notes of toffee, salted caramel and honeycomb. These are quickly joined by a luscious rich fruity characteristic which is reminiscent of a mix of raisins, dried mango and spiced orange. Underneath are notes of vanilla, crystalised ginger and vanilla pods, all of which are backed up and complimented by a distinct savoury characteristic. This manifests itself as a yeasty, slightly meaty note which adds depth, warmth and complexity. The finish is long and becomes increasingly dry with a lovely tobacco leaf/cigar-like earthiness coming through to compliment the sweeter elements."

Singleton Of Dufftown Tailfire
700ml 40.00%
Entry level Dufftown that was launched in 2014 but looks like it is matured in Euro oak sherry casks. So expect the richness of Dufftown spirit with plenty of fruitiness. And you have to be a fly fisherman to understand the name. I thought it had something to do with a big night in a UK curry shop?

Speyburn 10yo
700ml 40.00%
The gentle Speysider from Inver House Distillers. I would presume a mix of oak? This bottling is from pre-2008.

The Spirit Of Woodstock: Woodstock Benrinnes 10yo & The Stocks 2015 Twin Pack
1450ml 58.60%
What happens when Scott Collett of the famed Woodstock Winery of McLaren Vale has a liquid lunch with Fred Laing, the respected head of that well established independent bottling house, Douglas Laing & Co? A unique collaboration that spans the globe. Mr Laing offered a rather bright and tasty 10yo Benrinnes, while Mr Collett offered two of his very best shiraz hogsheadsthat were used in the making of the 2015 vintage of his flagship shiraz, The Stocks. The result? The Benrinnes was then finished for three months in these hoggies. And the taste? That superb combination of malt and honeyed gristiness of the malt with spicy red berry fruitiness of the wine casks. And the pack? You can now try the whisky side by side with the 2015 Stocks shiraz, in this beaut and unique twin pack!

Acorn Clynelish 1997 18yo Homage To Caledonia Cask 6934
700ml 50.10%
I was shown these a month of so ago and was surprised to see that they are from a Japanese Indie bottler, Acorn. Aaaah Clynelish, always a big fave of mine, all that seaside flavours, piercing palate and just the right amount of peat. And look at the age and Alc. Perfect.

Blackadder Black Snake Vat 1 Fourth Venom
700ml 59.90%
This is one of Robin Tucek's clever concoctions, as it is derived from a solera system. Here's how one retailer explains it, "The latest concoction of John Tucek, take some barrels single malt whisky, of which the distillery is not disclosed, let it mature into two ex oloroso sherry casks and through the so-called solera system the casks still be emptied for 2/3 from below and filled again from above. Soft and supple, long palate with gentle kitchen spice and dried fruits. Hint of peat.

Cadenhead Single Cask Teaninich 1983 32yo
700ml 47.50%
A massive, 10mill lts per annum, Diageo owned distillery where almost all of the production goes into Johnnie Walker. The only official release has been a 10yo Flora & Fauna. So a 32yo, ex bourbon hogshead matured dram appears in my warehouse. Wow! From Cadenhead's head honcho, Mark Watt, "More orangey notes emerge along with some distant perfumed smoke, green tea; basil and oregano." Only 162 bottles released world-wide.

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Blair Athol 1988 28yo
700ml 53.60%
It's a tad confusing: there are the official 17th Anniversary bottlings as indicated on the label and there are these that sport the 175th outer packaging. Distilled 1988, bottled 2017, 2 x ex Bourbon casks, out-turn: 306 bottles. According to Watt, "Chocolate eclairs, soft allspice, more toffee and whipped cream."

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Fettercairn 1988 28yo
700ml 55.40%
It's a tad confusing: there are the official 17th Anniversary bottlings as indicated on the label and there are these that sport the 175th outer packaging. Distilled 1988, bottled 2017, from 3 x Ex Bourbon casks, out-turn: 750 bottles. Official notes read, "Marzipan, icing sugar, crystallized oranges and soft oakiness."

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Knockdhu 2006 10yo
700ml 56.50%
It's a tad confusing: there are the official 17th Anniversary bottlings as indicated on the label and there are these that sport the 175th outer packaging. I'll leave this one to Dave Broom writing in Aug 2017, "Slightly hot, but to start with it adds energy rather than obscuring the flavour, though it slightly dominates the back palate. The floral elements are retained nicely, alongside some sweet spice. Water adds a powdery dryness on the sides, alongside cut flowers and fruit blossom. Rather delicious.79pts." Distilled 2006, bottled 2017 from 3 x ex Bourbons casks, out-turn: 768.

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Macduff 10yo
700ml 46.00%
This is the one we have all been waiting for: the Wm Cadenhead 175th Anniversary celebration bottling. Official bottlings are called Deveron and I have to say I don't think I have tried too many of this new, 1960, distillery's offerings in the past. Distilled in 2006, bottled 2017 from 2 x ex Bourbon casks with an out-turn of 720 bottles. From Mark Watt, "White chocolate, pink peppercorns, banana leaves. Very fresh."

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Ord 2005 12yo
700ml 55.80%
An indie bottling from one, massive distillery, also know as Glen Ord_. In fact it is second only to Roseisle. Output is around the 6 million litres mark. All bourbon oak, only 576 bottles released and tasting of, "Shortbread, blueberries and growing bananas."

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  ITEMS 101 TO 120 OF 356
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