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Abbey Whisky Caperdonich 1995 17yo The Rare Casks
700ml 57.80%
RARE Situated within 100m of Glen Grant, this unfortunate distillery was opened in 1897, then closed in 1902 and then reopened in 1965. Only to be mothballed in 2002. The site was demolished in 2010. From Dramming, "Fried banana with honey, pineapple, vanilla, hints of grapefruit, butterscotch, nutmeg and pepper." Actual pic shown.

Ardbeg We've Arrived Renaissance
700ml 55.90%
The final in the lead up to Ardbeg's release later this year of their very owned distilled 10yo. Very, very impressive not only for its massive peat attack but also for its impressive mouthfeel and depth & complexity of flavour. Bottled at cask strength.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas
700ml 60.50%
After version 3 (PC7) comes version 4, PC8. Funny That. I bet they are doing this evolutionary thingy? So what do we have here? Now an eight year old with slightly less alcohol The distillery calls it, "Macho. Testosterone. Virile, hunter/gatherer. The power of this spirit reaches deep in to the soul." Murray scored it at 88pts, while a famous retailer describes it as a liquefied Mars Bar! Some have also declared that the extra ageing has added more complexity to this heavily peated whisky. Matured in American white oak. The Gaelic translation is, "Land of our fathers". Best Whisky at the 2009 Whisky Fringe in Edinburgh.

Bushmills 1975 Millennium Private Cask Single Malt Irish Whiskey
700ml 43.00%
RARE Distilled in 1975 for the 2000 Millennium celebrations. Originally designed as a single cask offering to some very special clients. This example comes from cask 363 for one Laurence Moffett. All American oak matured, approx 24 years old and said to taste like rich and creamy.

Cadenhead 175th Anniversary Caperdonich 1977 39yo Sherry Butt
700ml 50.40%
RARE This is the one we have all been waiting for: the Wm Cadenhead 175th Anniversary celebration bottling. One of the true greats and for those that care? It's from a sherry butt!! Whoo Hoo!! Distilled 1977, bottled 2017, ex Sherry butt, out-turn: 462 bottles. And yes, it's dark. From Mr Watt's notes, "Thick and chewy sherry with toffee, raisin butter, brown sugar and coffee creams."

Cadenhead 175th Anniversary Littlemill 1990 26yo
700ml 52.60%
RARE This is the one we have all been waiting for: the Wm Cadenhead 175th Anniversary celebration bottling. Distilled 1991, bottled 2017, ex Bourbon barrel, out-turn: 180 bottles. Some say this is a distillery that deserved to burn down, but they would say that, wouldn't they? Mr Watt's notes read, "Juicy limes, honeydew melon, soft spices...along with pineapple chunks. Very syrupy, lots of juicy fruits.""

Cadenhead 175th Anniversary Rosebank 1991 25yo
700ml 50.50%
RARE This is the one we have all been waiting for: the Wm Cadenhead 175th Anniversary celebration bottling. Possibly the most enigmatic closed distillery in the history of Scottish distilling. Everyone I know has a story and a fondness bordering on rapture with almost any bottlings of this famed triple distilled spirit. Be warned, in very short supply. From the Old Man Of Huy's blog, "nose: so many flowers and perfume. This smells of gentleness and distinction. Mouth: peach and buttery apricot jam, melted white chocolate. Finish: flowery and balanced, with lots grapes and orchard fruit. Superlative. 9/10." Distilled 1991, bottled 2017, ex Bourbon cask, out-turn: 192 bottles.

Cadenhead Ord 1983 31yo
700ml 51.00%
Only 204 bottles from one American oak cask. Quite the contrast to the current distillery 12yo that sold over 2 million bottles in 2014. So this dram will give you a unique perspective of what this distillery can achieve at an advanced age. In their words, "Nose: Honey, hint of aged gouda, then becoming very syrupy. Peaches, tangerines, dried apricots and lots of toffee. Palate: Dried fruits, a hint of spice, again very syrupy, with mango, pears and clementines. Finish: Lots of juicy fruits, more lemony and some orangey notes. A thick syrupy finish leaving you craving more."

Cadenhead Single Cask Dufftown 1978 37yo
700ml 47.30%
A big Diageo distillery that has recently undergone a bit of a renaissance with a number of official releases under the Singleton Of Dufftown label. But what we have here is the complete opposite to the new releases. As this dram was one of the last to use the old Dufftown floor malting, which closed in 1968 and it is so very old. Only 196 bottles released. As one retailer put it, "more vanilla and caramel but not overly sweet and edging towards a spicy nutmeg note."

Cadenhead Single Cask Glen Mhor 1982 34yo
700ml 50.30%
RARE Closed distillery. Another classic that has now long departed. Distilled in 1982, a year before it was closed and bottled in 2016 from an ex Bourbon cask. Out-tun was 126 bottles! Official notes read, "Biscuity notes, apple crumble, pears, old leather, woodiness, brambles and sweet jam."

Cadenhead Single Cask Mannochmore 1977 37yo
700ml 49.40%
Can't tell you the last time I tried a dram from this distillery? This is a big, new (1977) Diageo distillery that sits right next door to Glenlossie. Officially, only the Flaura & Fauna 12yo has ever been released on a regular basis. So a release of such an aged whisky from almost the very beginnings of the distillery is a big treat. In their words, "Honey, quite syrupy and lemony." 210 bottles bottled.

Cadenhead Single Cask Royal Brackla 1976 38yo
700ml 52.90%
Along with Aultmore and Craigallachie, Bacardi also own Royal Brackla. This rare indie bottling dates back to a bygone era, when all of Brackla's output went into Dewars blend. Cadenhead notes, "Soft notes of cured meats with watermelon, golden syrup, peaches and vanilla ice cream. Palate: Old school fruity whisky with a faint trace of peat. Lots of tropical fruits with smoked almonds. Finish: A soft gentle finish. Mainly syrupy fruit notes with soft dry smoke."

Cadenhead Small Batch Glen Keith 1973 42yo
700ml 45.80%
Wowsers! How old can a whisky get? A relatively new distillery, founded 1957, closed in 1999 and reopened in 2013! In their words as I will probably never get to try it, Herbal on the nose, more jammy fruity notes on the taste with growing spices of cloves and cinnamon. Dried bananas and lime pickle on the finish. Only 180 bottles released.

Cadenhead Small Batch Glenlivet (Minmore) 1973 42yo
700ml 40.20%
Imagine if this oldster was an official bottling? I suspect there would be a few extra noughts after our price! Why Minmore? It's place George Smith moved his famous distillery to in 1858 due to high demand. Getting hold of a pre- Minmore Glenlivet? Well that would be a treat. In their words, "Juicy fruits, delicate, hints of sauvignon blanc and lots of syrupy fruits." Only 630 bottles released.

Cawsey Menk Great Outback Superior Blend Australian Whisky
500ml 40.00%
A later version of this legendary Aussie whisky. Pic available upon request.

Dailuaine 16yo Flora & Fauna
700ml 43.00%
This malts still charms me with its overall poise and balance and excellent cask selection. Pity about the caramel.

Full Proof Hanyu 1988 20yo Nice Butt 9307 Single Malt Whisky
700ml 55.00%
The famed and highly desirable Hanyu single malt bottled for the Dutch importer, Full Proof. Hanyu started distilling single malts in the 1980's but very sadly the distillery was closed in 2000. Only 534 bottles released. Cellar torn label. Actual pic shown.

Full Proof Hanyu 1990 9yo The Wave Batch 2 Cask 9305
700ml 53.00%
The famed and highly desirable Hanyu single malt bottled for the Dutch importer, Full Proof. Hanyu started distilling single malts in the 1980's but very sadly the distillery was closed in 2000. I love the label play on Hokusai's fabled The Wave print. Only 200 bottles produced. Pic indicative only.

Full Proof Karuizawa 1994 12yo Tossing The Barrel Ex Glenlivet Sherry Butt
700ml 61.00%
What can I say about this distillery, after Whisky Advocate declared Karuizawa to be be the world's most collectible whisky at auction (2017). Established 1955, closed 2011. Only 204 bottles released. Actual pic shown.

Glen Albyn 10yo Castle Box Old Bottling
750ml 43.00%
RARE And why is it rare? Because it is an official bottling possibly dating from the late 1970's. I remember Glen Alby's being quite oily. Actual pic shown.

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  ITEMS 161 TO 180 OF 376
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