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Macallan 1984 15yo Sherry Oak
700ml 43.00%
RARE I was really surprised when Macallan bought this whisky out in the 1990’s. You had the incomparable 18yo Sherry and the equally impressive 12yo Sherry already in the market place, why split the difference? But once I tried it, I was convinced it was something truly extraordinary. But sadly it was short-lived, as it was withdrawn just before the Fine Oak’s hit the world stage. So the style? Old fashioned, full sherry flavoured, great balance, classic old school Macallan. Actual pic shown.

Macallan 1995 18yo Sherry Oak
700ml 43.00%
The big Kahuna is back. Vintage dated (a dying breed in whisky word), full sherry and as I've had to get this from the States, it's a 750ml bottling! From WhiskyConnosr Pierre W, "The nose, in one word: WOWEE!! Rich and fruity flavours assail you from the very start, dark fruits, raisins, overripe pears, plum jam, everything is very fruity and soft at the same time. Later, notes of dry oak make an appearance. Classic Macallan! The palate is medium-bodied and sweet but gets just a little bit spicy towards the end. Soft and silky on the tongue, this is again dominated by dark fruits, cherries, plums, and hints of chocolate and orange peel. The finish is long, warming, and a little bit spicy. There is rubber (in a good way), and lots of plum jam. A mouth watering finish if there ever was one. This was and remains my benchmark for sherried single malts, although I must say I was even more impressed by the older bottlings from the 1990s. Still, this is – pardon my French – damn good stuff! The rich and lush nose, the fruity and well balanced palate, the mouth watering finish… honestly, who would not like this? Then again, looking at what the guys at Macallan are doing to their core range makes your heart bleed. NAS bottlings all over the place. Whatever has happened to the good old distilling tradition at Macallan??" 90/100 pic indicative only

Bakery Hill 2008 8yo A Wisp Of Smoke Cask 106 Peated Malt
500ml 51.70%
Well, well, well! This is a first for me!! A special, single cask release from that ever reliable and ever Mr Consistent, David Baker. When he called me up, I think he was chasing payment, he casually mention that he's finally bit the bullet and has brought out something special. It's a called, "A Wisp Of Smoke" and essentially it is a single cask rendition of his fab peated cask strength malt. And the taste? A beautiful nose of balanced creamy oak, malt and spirit. And dare I say, with just, "A Wisp Of Smoke". On the palate: Long, lingering, almost like a rapier down the palate. Classic maltiness, beautiful, gently creamy oak, just the right amount of spirit intensity and there it is again, that "Wisp Of Smoke". And it just lingers tasting of ginger nut biscuits. Mr B you are a marvel!

Bakery Hill Classic Cask Strength
500ml 60.00%
Have a look at what I wrote about the 46% Classic...then turn the volume up to very load! Breathtaking. David Baker's signature creamy maltiness is these, basically it envelopes the entire mouth, but the high intensity spirit just drives this whisky right down the palate. Surprisingly notes of chocolate, bitter orange and rosewater make an appearance. And once again, the maltiness just lasts and lasts. (pic is a representation only)

Bakery Hill Classic Malt
500ml 46.00%
This is very impressive, very impressive. Those that know me, know that I'm not a great fan of small cask matured whiskies. BUT tasting David's entry level Classic malt, just confirms in my mind that David is on the right track. His distilling skills, oak management and maturation abilities and importantly the style of his malts is spot on, and just gets better with every new release. This malt is classically malty (as all whiskies should be), crisply intensive and the malt flavours just hang around for what seems an eternity. Look out for the magic oak spice on the nose. Great stuff. (pic is a representation only)

Bakery Hill Double Wood
500ml 46.00%
David Baker's combo malt, where he matures his spirit in 2nd fill bourbon barrels and used French oak casks...and what a dram he gets at the end. Smelling more grainy than the Classic, more fresh grain than malted, there's also a load of vanilla, coconut, dried fruits and kitchen spice flavours coming off as well. The French oak spice marries perfectly with creamy cereal flavours on the palate. And once again this malt just fill every crevice of your palate. And once again, the flavour just hangs around for ages. (pic is a representation only)

Southern Coast Distillers 2008 7yo Port TOWC Cask 21
700ml 50.00%
What a treat it is to see Southern Coast back in bottle. The company has gone, but soon to rise in another guise but this is the original and from what I tasted, it certainly lives up to its now legendary reputation. This well aged Aussie is a treat. I wouldn't bottle it if it wasn't! Big dark and brooding in colour, classic SCD nose that is so lush and sweet and so well balanced. Once again SCD's famed SA Cooperage American oak casks that have had Aussie port in them, come up a treat: Long palate, intense alcohol, well integrated oak and barley that leave a the palate sweetly malty and oaky with a good dash of mandarin flavours. What treat from one of the past greats of modern Aussie distilling. Ace!

Tin Shed Distilling Iniquity 3yo Batch 005 Peated American Oak Sherry Cask
700ml 46.00%
From Ian & Vic, "The malt was smoked using peat from the Parawa area south of Adelaide and classic South Australian mallee wood. This whisky is a winter warmer, but it is definitely at its best after being warmed in the hand. Don't make the mistake of drinking it cold or on ice."

Spencer Collings Founders Reserve 10yo Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 54.80%
This rather splendid blended single malt whisky, comes from that superstar marketer, who working for DCL/UDV in the 1980's, was responsible for creation and launch of UDV's Classic Malt range and then went on to create other masterpieces including Johnnie Blue Label. So he knows what he is doing and his Founders Reserve is a treat. The original Speyside and Islay single malt whiskies were matured in refill sherry butts of approx 105 Imperial gallons. The Northern Highlands was matured in a second fill American oak Bourbon barrel of 50 US gallons. The Speyside & Islay whiskies are then transferred to a first fill Madeira barriques of approx 49 Imperial gallons. And the taste: Melting richness, a melange of dried fruits, Madeira oak spiciness with a crisp dry finish. Long and highly balanced. Bravo Mr C!!

Warenghem Armorik Classic Breton Single Malt
700ml 46.00%
Just in, tasting notes to follow...in the mean time, Entry level but enough character to be called �sophisticated�!.

Cadenhead Classic Rum
700ml 50.00%
Cadenhead's entry level vatted rum and for 2017 now comes in a spiffy new package. According to the bottlers, "The classic is a blending of several dark rums from Guyana (Demerara mainly) the age is around 5-7 years old but they will use up to 10 year old for the consistency as and when needed. While their official tasting note: Nose: Let it breathe. Heavy molasses; tropical fruits; liquorice. Palate: Chocolate orange. Slightly spicy with a long finish. Excellent! Couldn't agree more.

SEARCH   CATALOGUE - Search for: classic
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  ITEMS 21 TO 31 OF 31
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