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Heartwood Darkest Before Dawn 2009 8yo Lark LD559 Oloroso Sherry
500ml 64.00%
Another blockbuster from Mr Duckett. This time a full strength Lark matured in Aussie Oloroso casks. Very limited.

Heartwood Heart Of Darkness 2009 8yo Oloroso Sherry Cask LD567
500ml 67.10%
Brand new for Oct 2018. What can I say? It's dark, sherried and at a whopping alc strength. Just so typical.

Hellyers Road 10yo Original
700ml 46.20%
An Aussie 10yo standard issue malt. Now I've been waiting for this for some, as I always had my suspicions that some advanced is what the local industry needed. Be warned this is a very crisp and intensive dram, but shows good crisp (there’s that word again) malt flavours, subtle American oak and a moderately lengthy palate. But it has such a lasting, malt driven flavour. There’s hint of “cold steel” in there, I suspect it’s a distillery hallmark, but it doesn’t really detract from the overall pleasant experience.An Aussie 10yo standard issue malt. Now I've been waiting for this for some, as I always had my suspicions that

Hellyers Road Port Cask Matured
700ml 48.90%
Slight change of style for Hellyer's, more port fruitiness this time. Pic available upon request.

McLaren Vale Distillery Bloodstone Series 1 Chapter 2 Maxwell Fortified Mead Cask
350ml 63.50%
There have been some quite big expectations with this new distillery in SA's McLaren Vale wine region. Me thinks that theor good fortune was to have Mr Jock Harvey on board as a supporter, as his access to some highly rare and highly flavoured wine casks has certainly brought the world's attention to this new venture. And I have to say, the sample I've tried there's plenty of big flavours but the underlying spirit is very refined. Note the size of the bottle!! Pic available upon request.

Tasmania Independent Bottlers A Renowned NSW Distillery TIB004 Sherry Cask
500ml 49.00%
This is Tim Duckett's other whisky project: sourcing high quality but unique Australian and New Zealand spirits. These spirits are mainly malted barley types but he isn't afraid to use other grains as well. And as you can imagine, Tim's doesn't hold back on revving them up a bit. The TIB bottlings are also produced at a more "manageable" alcohol strength. So which "Renowned Distillery" does this come from? I have no idea :-)

Tin Shed Distilling Iniquity 3yo Batch 005 Peated American Oak Sherry Cask
700ml 46.00%
From Ian & Vic, "The malt was smoked using peat from the Parawa area south of Adelaide and classic South Australian mallee wood. This whisky is a winter warmer, but it is definitely at its best after being warmed in the hand. Don't make the mistake of drinking it cold or on ice."

Tin Shed Distilling Iniquity Batch 008 Peated American Oak Port Barrel
700ml 46.00%
New for July 2017. And best of all, it's heavily peated. Yep, an Aussie whisky has finally cracked the big smoke league. In Ian Schmidt's words, "Palate: Rich, rounded, smoky then slightly minty, fruity and oily, all gently wood smoked. Comment: The richness is typical and the smoke isn�t obvious in the nose, yet builds to show up most in the tail of the palate and in the finish as distant campfire smoke. " Pic indicative only.

Tin Shed Distilling Iniquity Batch 009 American Oak Port & Sherry French Oak Port
700ml 46.00%
A new release from Ian and Vic in December 2017. What I really like about this one, is the big spicy influence of French oak in the mix. It really does add another dimension to this already complex spirit.

Cadenhead Cameronbridge 1989 19yo Grain
700ml 59.40%
A new grain whisky from Wm Cadenhead and look at it's age. So very highly complex. In thier words, "Nose: Buttery, fudge, leather and sweet. Palate: Dry, yet smooth and sweet. "

Cadenhead Creations 1989 26yo Light Creamy Vanilla Vatted Grain
700ml 57.70%
The name says it all! In Cadenhead's words, "A glorious balance of sweetness and spice, honeycomb and fruit loaf. This dram is so elegant it's a perfect dram from the seasoned drinker to the beginner," From Dave Broom, "Thick and palate-hugging, with just enough drying oak on the sides. It does need water though, which smooths things out considerably, allowing fudge and condensed milk (and sealing wax) to come through. 7.8pts."

Cadenhead Port Dundas 1988 20yo Grain
700ml 55.40%
A new grain malt from Wm Cadenhead: such age and such complexity and so very ehtereal. From Cadenhead's tasting team, "Nose: Sugared almonds; sweet icing sugar; perfume. Palate: An initial burst of flavour which then develops into smooth well rounded dram."

Cadenhead Port Dundas 1988 25yo Grain
700ml 46.00%
CLOSED Located in Glasgow, this giant distillery, for its time. Owned by Diageo, the grain spirit was used for many famous bands such as Johnnie Walker and Vat 69. To see a well-gaed example is a treat, especially for its complexity. In Cadenhead's words, "Nose: Lime cordial and sodawater. Lots of ginger, white chocolate and juicy peaches Palate: Ginger beer, lime and lots of fresh vanilla, honeycomb and melted chocolate. Finish: Sweet, fresh and citrusy. A definite summers day whisky."

Cadenhead Single Cask 175th Invergordon 1973 43yo
700ml 51.30%
From a huge distillery but quite an exotic dram at such an extreme age. Only 222 bottles released with official notes stating, "Creamy with faint rye spicy notes."

Cadenhead Single Cask Caledonian 1987 28yo Single Grain
700ml 52.30%
CLOSED DISTILLERY Closed in 1988, this distillery was once the largest grain distillery in the UK. As always, a well aged grain is both highly complex and highly tasty and always unique. Full bourbon cask maturation. From Cadenheads, "Creamy butter, chocolate eclair, caramel and an old fashioned sweet shop." Only 246 bottles released.

Cadenhead Single Grain North British 1985 29yo Sherry Butt
700ml 46.00%
There is a growing band of brothers and sisters who adore well matured grain whiskies, but most malt drinkers are still to find out the joys of aged grain whisky.. And this offering has an added treat: it was fully matured in used sherry butts. In their words, "Dry oily cereal notes with lots of vanilla. Soft delicate finish with Jamaican rum notes. 432 bottle released.

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Strathclyde 1989 28yo Single Grain
700ml 46.00%
Well aged grain whiskies have a certain allure that generally confounds malt drinkers. But once you get past the shock of not tasting malted barley, the complexity of these drams is quite intoxicating. According to Cadenhead staff this whisky tastes of, "cinnamon, brown sugar and caramel with a hint of mint." Only 216 bottles from one bourb-n cask were produced.

Cadenhead Small Batch Cameronbridge 1989 26yo Single Grain
700ml 56.60%
Another in a long line of intriguing aged grain whiskies from Wm Cadenhead. In Mark Watt's words, "The palate delivers a rather nice soft woodiness that gives way to vanilla pods, gingersnap biscuits and lemon icing."

Cadenhead Small Batch Invergordon 1972 43yo Single Grain
700ml 48.30%
Here's one for all you Springbank aficionados: this is the distillery where Frank McHardy started his career in whisky production. It was also the home of the stills for Ben Wyvis, which now produce Glengyle in Cambeltown. But aged grains are a treat and in the scheme of things, good value too. Highly complex with a slightly different style to aged single malts as Cadenhead's notes attest to, "Cream, butter, salted popcorn and oatcakes." Matured in 2 x bourbon barrels with an outturn of a remarkable 468 bottles.

Cadenhead Small Batch Port Dundas 1988 27yo
700ml 50.90%
A single grain whisky, produced in a giant continuous still and aged for 27 years! I'm intrigued because I know these style are complex & intriguing. In Mr Watt's words, "It's quite thick rich creamy on the front of the palate before we get to Brown sugar, spiced oranges. Very oily with pistachio nuts and almond."

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  ITEMS 301 TO 320 OF 407
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