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Johnnie Walker Blue Label Litre
1000ml 43.00%
JW's famous Blue label, supposedly the pinnacle of blended whisky in the Diageo empire. So an even bigger bottle has to be a bonus? Pic available upon request.

Sandy Macnab Blended Whisky
750ml 43.00%
This is a wee bit special, as McNabs were once the owner of the now highly collectible, Lochside distillery. So this is Lochside's blend. Lochside closed in 1992, so this 75ml blend ir possibly pre-1980's. Pic available upon request.

White Heather 13.5oz 70 Proof Blend
375ml 40.00%
And old 375ml bottling of this famous blend. It comes from Campbell & Sons blenders, who were part of Pernod Ricard and who owned Aberlour distillery. So I presume the malt for White Heather is from Aberlour. Pic available upon request.

Cadenhead Small Batch Burnside 1989 26yo Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 48.80%
Burnside I hear you ask? I thought that was an old closed distillery in Campbeltown. So what is going on here then? Well, here's what one blogger declared, "What do you get when you mix a teaspoon of Glenfiddich into a cask of Balvenie? Burnside blended malt whisky. Try buying an official Balvenie 25 year at this price." Official notes, "Custard creams, almonds, slightly salty with growing citrus fruits." I've also heard that a touch of Kinivie maybe in it too. Can't wait to try it!!

Cadenhead Small Batch Burnside 1989 27yo Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 46.50%
Burnside I hear you ask? I thought that was an old closed distillery in Campbeltown. So what is going on here then? Well, here's what one blogger declared, "What do you get when you mix a teaspoon of Glenfiddich into a cask of Balvenie? Burnside blended malt whisky." Matures in two bourbon barrels with only 288 bottles relaesed. In Cadenhead's words, "Red apples, chocolate, strawberries with cream and a biscuit note.

Johnnie Walker 15yo Green Label
700ml 43.00%
Walker's famed blended malt whisky, containing malt from some of Diegeo's most famous distilleries. Some rank this as one of the best from the Walker stable. Couldn't agree more. This is an older bottling, with the actual bottle shown in the pic.

Spencer Collings Founders Reserve 10yo Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 54.80%
This rather splendid blended single malt whisky, comes from that superstar marketer, who working for DCL/UDV in the 1980's, was responsible for creation and launch of UDV's Classic Malt range and then went on to create other masterpieces including Johnnie Blue Label. So he knows what he is doing and his Founders Reserve is a treat. The original Speyside and Islay single malt whiskies were matured in refill sherry butts of approx 105 Imperial gallons. The Northern Highlands was matured in a second fill American oak Bourbon barrel of 50 US gallons. The Speyside & Islay whiskies are then transferred to a first fill Madeira barriques of approx 49 Imperial gallons. And the taste: Melting richness, a melange of dried fruits, Madeira oak spiciness with a crisp dry finish. Long and highly balanced. Bravo Mr C!!

Cadenhead Distillerie Charpentier 30yo Petite Champagne Cognac
700ml 52.40%
Quite extraordinary. Cadenhead's are at it again, annoying the living daylights out of the Cognacais: It's Cognac, it has an age statement, possibly a single barrel, cask strength and no caramel colouring. Serge from WhiskyFun rated it at 90pts in Sept 2015 and in Cadenhead's words, "A big nose from this single cask Cognac. Sweet toffee; quite oily with bananas, liquorice, brown sugar and coffee beans. Palate Sandalwood; stewed fruits with soft spices; white pepper, cinnamon, star anise and then toffee and faint kiwi fruits. Amazingly rich and rather complex as one would expect after 30 years in the cask. Finish Growing toffee and spiced oak with waxy orange notes and candied ginger. A sit back and relax cognac. Dare we say this would make a fantastic gift for anyone who's looking for an alternative to buying a whisky."

Cadenhead Pierre Croizet Fins Bois XO Cognac
700ml 49.80%
Yes, itís a brandy, in fact a Cognac - in all its pure naked glory. Sick of the light weight, caramel dosed commercial version of this spirit? I most certainly am, and when I tried this, it just knocked me over!! It's aromatic, spicy, highly intriguing, the alcohol is racy and it's a touch rustic. But it is so fabulously splendid. And no caramel to dull the senses and at cask strength too! In thier words, "Nose: Sweet; oily; orange peel; rich fruits; plums.Palate: Parma violets; orange zest; marzipan; fruity; dry sweetness towards the end." As one tasted loudly stated, "This is the brandy for whisky drinkers".

Cadenhead Pierre Croizet Fins Bois XO Cognac
700ml 50.00%
New bottling for 2013 at a new strength of 50%. This is a whisky lovers brandy. Cask strength, no caramel colouring and single cask bottling. Everything a Cognac should not be!! Once again there is a purity and intensity of flavour and a curious note of baked apples and pastry flavours. . In their very brief words, "Nose Blackcurrant, marzipan, toffee Palate Aromatic. Buttery marzipan. Smooth and sweet. Finish A medium finish." Pic indicative only.

Cadenhead Old Raj Gin
700ml 55.00%
Haven't tried it yet? Our star performer in 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2011 - big, intensive, loads of saffron, clean & pure & makes one mighty dry martini. And look at the alcohol weight...55%! With Old_Raj, the colonel is never wrong.

Lark Forty Spotted Gin
700ml 40.00%
First saw this at a function in June 2015 and I was mightily impressed. Clean, crisp and pure. Loads of character and using Tasmanian pepperberry, there is a certain zing to it.

English Whisky Co Chapter 3 Not Yet Whisky
700ml 46.00%
That's right, the first English malt spirit for over 100 years. Very much a work in progress, but you get to taste just how good this spirit is. This one is made by ex Green King brewer David Fitt, it's unpeated and has been matured in ex Jim Beam casks for 1 year, and yes the flavour of Jim Beam does come through.

Bushmills 21yo Triple Distilled Three Woods Single Malt Whiskey
700ml 40.00%
Well this is a first for me as I haven't dealt with Bushmills for quite some time and then this one pops up. Triple distilled, well aged and matured in both Oloroso and ex Bourbon casks for 19 years with a further maturation top with Madeira drums up until it's 21st birthday. So what do we end up with? According to the distillery, "Aromas of banana creme brulee, flower patch, honeyed fig cake, and African spices."

Cadenhead Irish 13yo Single Malt
700ml 46.00%
An indie bottling of an Irish single malt. Now that's a turn up for the books. In Cadenhead's words, "The richness of the first sip wraps itself nicely around your palate, the soft tones seem to go on and on as the malt unfolds to deliver honey and cream with soft vanilla notes, some sweet apple like flavours is complimented by a soft gentle hint of sweet spices.."

Jameson 2 Glass Gift Pack
700ml 40.00%
The soft and gentle Irish wonder, with two large glasses.

Jameson Caskmates Stout Edition Irish Whiskey
700ml 40.00%
An interesting diversion for Jameson's as they produce a series of intriguing drams influenced by a whole host of flavours by using ex wooden beer barrels that contained stout..

Redbreast 12yo
700ml 40.00%
Brilliant Irish pot still whiskey that is triple distilled and unblended: crunchy, nutty with a hint of sherry. Really, if you haven't tried this absolute gem of a whiskey...you are really missing out on something very special. Buxton's 101.

Redbreast 15yo
700ml 46.00%
The original has returned! Big, luscious, massive length and that famous crunch of that Pure Pot Still character and distilled at Midleton Distillery. Looks like this one was distilled around 2009. March 2015 - World Whisky Award winner!

Teeling 21yo Silver Reserve Irish Single Malt Whisky
700ml 46.00%
A new kid on the Irish distilling block, but take a look at the age! Then I realised that Teeling is an Indie bottler. owned by Jack Teeling, ex of Cooley. It's triple distiiled and mauted in both American oak and Sauternes casks, which I presume are French oak. WhiskyNotes in 2013 describes it as tasting of, "Mouth: again slightly spicier than expected (pepper, cinnamon and fresh oak), but the fruitiness is still very big. Grape jelly, pink grapefruit, peach pit, banana and litchi. Some honey. Fades on leafy notes. Overall a bit on the light side maybe. Finish: medium long, with a lingering jammy fruitiness and some drying elements.90/100."

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  ITEMS 321 TO 340 OF 397
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