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Cadenhead Small Batch Glen Grant 1989 24yo Bourbon
700ml 55.50%
I don't see why Cadenhead's should still add the old name Glenlivet with these whiskies. So I wont. But Glen Grant is always a gem of a dram. In Cadenhed's words, " Candy floss, popping candy, creme de cassis and a faint trace of olive oil. Very sweet and sugary with fresh mint and sage. Palate Warming toffee notes, dry spice and then some nuttiness. Finish Dry white wine, peaches, gooseberries and very floral. Very fresh but with heavier caramel notes in the background." Only 186 bottles produced.

Cadenhead Small Batch Glen Keith 1993 21yo
700ml 54.10%
Now this would have to win the award for Scotland's most fruitiest whisky? Here's why, "Tangerines, kiwi fruits, a hint of mango, oily waxy fruits, lasting fruit syrup..." These notes are from Mark Watt at Wm Cadenhead. 444 bottles released.

Cadenhead Small Batch Glen Moray 1998 17yo
700ml 55.80%
Once the sad cousin of the illustrious Glenmorangie with its spirit being mainly used for cheap buyer's own brands. But today, it has been totally transformed. However, this Cadenhead bottling dates back to that earlier period. More notes to follow.

Cadenhead Small Batch Glenburgie 1992 23yo
700ml 54.70%
A Chivas distillery with most of its output going into Ballantines, unless you want to buy a cask strength version at their visitor's centre. So a well-aged offering from Cadenhead, who declare, "Sweet and grassy to start, it is very fresh with a distinctly fruity taste - gooseberries, kiwifruit and banana are joined by some notes of soft brown sugar and some intriguing savoury/herby tones. Very soft, rounded and long lasting in the finish, this is a very vibrant and interesting dram."

Cadenhead Small Batch Glendullan 1996 18yo
700ml 55.60%
Another curious distillery that we really don't see a lot of malts come from. And that includes the Indies too. According to the good folks at Wm Cadenhead this bottling is very minty with, wait for it, "Lemon meringue pie with lashings of cream." Only 456 bottles released.

Cadenhead Small Batch Glendullan 1996 19yo
700ml 53.40%
A big Diageo distillery based in the heart of Dufftown, while founded in 1896, this distillery dates from 1972. In Mark Watt;'s words, "The palate is smooth from the start with light and creamy tones that keep the flavour moving across the front and top of the palate but added syrup, notes of caramel at the back of the palate making it go on and on."

Cadenhead Small Batch Glenlossie 1993 21yo
700ml 56.10%
You don't see many Glenlossies around. A medium size distillery owned by Diageo, where most of the output goes into Haig's blended whisky. The style is light and fruity as according to Cadenheads, which makes sense given the purifiers that have on the lyne arms, "initially dry then lots of marzipan and red fruits." 492 bottles released world-wide.

Cadenhead Small Batch Glenrothes 2001 14yo
700ml 46.00%
I never quite know where this distillery is going in terms of style, but according to WhiskyFun, this one looks like it is quite the session malt, "Orange juice, apple juice, a touch of vanilla, a drop of pinesap, and we're done. Harmless and good. Finish: medium and maltier. A few sweet spices. Comments: Irreproachable easy malt whisky, the kind our friends up there in cheerful Campbeltown used to bottle in the Duthie's range before. 84pts."

Cadenhead Small Batch Glenrothes 2002 14yo
700ml 57.40%
A very famous distillery and one well now to Australians. And this one really does reflect this distillery's house style, "orange chocolates, red fruits, honeycomb and a slight waxy note." All bourbon cask matured with 516 bottles being released.

Cadenhead Small Batch Glentauchers 1989 25yo
700ml 53.30%
A big Chivas Bros distillery that nobody has really heard of. And no official releases. It all gets lost in the Teachers & Ballantines blends, unless you have an indie bottling like this one. And BTW it is pronounced Glen-tock-ers. This dram comes from the UDV era. Stewed fruits, a touch of grassiness and mild buttery flavour.

Cadenhead Small Batch Linkwood 1987 26yo
700ml 56.80%
I'm a big fan of Linkwood, so a well aged example, rarely seen, is always a welcome addition to the TOWC. All bourbon oak matured ans in their words, "Nose Creamy, lots of vanilla, fresh baked bread, egg custard and dried banana chips. Palate Toffee popcorn with a touch of salt and pineapple chunks. Finish Crisp and dry, quite herbal with aniseed, gooseberries and a little nutty." Only 972 bottles produced.

Cadenhead Small Batch Linkwood 1987 28yo Sherry Cask
700ml 58.40%
A big distillery with only one official bottling. How cruel. All sherry oak matured, I'm excited! In Watt's words, "Heavier than the nose suggests in such a good way with the aroma of baked apples; dried apricots with walnuts and slightly earthy like notes or a musty bond filled with old sherry casks. The addition of 1 drop of water really delivers across the palate some amazing rich fruity notes. Some orange and chocolate with a spiced edge. "

Cadenhead Small Batch Linkwood 1992 23yo
700ml 55.30%
A big distillery with only one official bottling. How cruel. All bourbon oak matured, but get Mark Watt's take on it, "Is this a sherry cask? With dark Autumn Berries soft spices and churned toffee, then in comes a more bourbon cask range of flavours as a soft juicy melon and fresh cut spring grass, the spice that came on the nose is here in the middle palate along with more creamy toffee notes."

Cadenhead Small Batch Speyside 1991 24yo
700ml 50.50%
One of the newer distillery's in Speyside, as it was only completed in 1987! So to see one at this age is quite stunning. From Cadenheads, "The palate is rather good as we get to discover how well balanced drams from this great distillery can be. A nice soft slight creaminess, with sweet toffee apples and caramel liqueur coat the palate." Only 630 bottles released, all bourbon oak matured.

Cadenhead Small Batch Strathisla 1997 18yo
700ml 56.90%
Officially there is only one bottling of Strathisla available to the public. And you can only buy it at the distillery. So when an 18yo turns up, I do get a little excited. In Mr Watt's words of wisdom, "Oily and syrupy to start and then gingerbread with butter and hints of cooking apples, is this a bake off challenge in a bottle? If so then i am having another try. A second time with this dram gets us to a sublime creamy fruity note, Some delicate spice comes out with the addition of a few drops of water or if left to open for 10-20 mins then its a lot more fruity."

Cadenhead Small Batch Strathmill 1992 23yo
700ml 47.20%
A big distillery where most of its malt ends up in the giant J&B blend. More notes to follow,

Cadenhead Small Batch Tamdhu 1991 22yo
700ml 54.00%
Another curious whisky: this is an independent bottling of a distillery owned by an independent bottler, Ian MacLeod! In Cadenhead's words, "Nose: Lots of honey, almonds, vanilla and shortbread. Palate: Some olive oil, very grassy and quite herbal. Finish: Lots of salted caramel, more shortbread and some citrus notes."

Cadenhead Small Batch Tamdhu 1991 24yo
700ml 54.40%
Once the backbone of White Horse and Vat 69, Tamdhu not stands in the same stable as Glengoyne. Notes to follow.

Cadenhead Small Batch Tamnavulin 1992 22yo
700ml 52.90%
A big distillery with another curious, maybe even dubious history: Founded 1966 and to date it has had 9 different owners! Tasting notes from Wm Cadenhead, "Nose: Some oaty notes to start, some pistachio nuts and a little toffee. Palate: Quite buttery, lots of honey notes and pancake mix. Some grassier notes also with a touch of fennel. Finish: Lots of creamy vanilla notes, sweet toffee and a hint of lemongrass."

Cadenhead Small Batch Tormore 1984 30yo
700ml 55.80%
A big Chivas owned distillery that was a late starter, as it was built in 1958. Can't say I've seen many official or Indie bottlings from this impressive looking distillery. Being a 30yo strongly suggest a big degree of rarity. In Cadenheads words, "Soft toffee with ginger spice, a little honeycomb and a hint of ripe pair. Lingering warm spices." 432 bottles released world wide.

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  ITEMS 81 TO 100 OF 376
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