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Ardbeg 10yo
700ml 46.00%
Since Glenmorangie and then Moet Hennessy got behind this distillery, there has been no looking back as this so called "entry level" malt is of a standard that few malts have ever come close to. Clean, precise, intense, complex, mouthfilling and of course highly peaty. Awesome in all departments. Just ask Jim Murray, Franz Scheurer and a raft of other notable whisky scribes. Buxton's 101.

Ardbeg 10yo Mor 4500ml
One enormous amount of peaty malt. This is the latest, 2015 edition of this now famous or infamous large scale malt, coming in at 46% abv (thatís 163.5 standard Aussie drinks!). This 6.5kg behemoth, supposedly the largest bottle of single malt in the world, contains spirit entirely made by Ardbeg.

Ardbeg Auriverdes
700ml 49.90%
Ardbeg Day 2014 Release It's all about football but the dram is highly intriguing. Fuller notes to follow...but in the meantime here's some official notes, "The casks are American white oak ex-Bourbon barrels, which were shipped over from the United States as per the norm. The insides of the barrels had therefore been charred in the traditional, Bourbon specification manner. From Caskstrength.com, "Nose: Hot, with some distinct Ardbeg smokiness (sweet cure bacon), alongside a little dry spiciness, a big waft of vanilla pipe tobacco, expresso coffee, a touch of ginger and an injection of some lighter citrus zest - fresh lemon and lime. It's powerful, but with a light touch alongside - think Didier Drogba... Palate: More classic Ardbeg fullness, the smoke turning a little more medicinal, with greener notes (fresh orchard fruit) and something a little more savoury - sweet potato perhaps? There is a youthful zestiness at play too but the mouthfeel is superb, with more smoked meat, vanilla and a candied sweetness - the 10 year old is a good reference point, but it has a little more depth alongside. Finish: Surprisingly dry, with a lingering oaky spice, some sooty residue and a last-gasp citrus bite."

Ardbeg Corryvreckan
700ml 57.10%
It comes from Ardbeg's experiments in the late 1990's and suprisngly is matured or part matured in French oak along with the usual ex Bousbon oak. Belived to be a marriage of Ardbeg's 10yo and Uigeadail. From John Hansell, Malt Advocate, "Powerful, muscular, well-textured, and invigorating. Even within the realm of Ardbeg, this one stands out. The more aggressive notes of coal tar, damp kiln, anise and smoked seaweed are supported by an array of fruit."

Ardbeg Uigeadail
700ml 54.20%
The Uigeadail adds sherry to the Ardbeg range, and a mighty fine dram it is. Very intense, lots of peat (as you could imagine) but the addition of fino sherry oak along with the trademark bourbon wood to the mix, adds another dimension to this champion malt. Buxton's 101 & 97.5pts Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2010.

Ardbeg Uigeadail 4500ml
Yes is's big and very limited. Did I sat that it's really BIG? 4.5lt of pur cask strength peatiness.

Bruichladdich 12yo 2nd Edition
700ml 46.00%
This popular 12yo was discontinued in 2011 and was created as an entry level Laddie that was all bourbon cask matured, with little peat, approx 3ppm.. Has been described as tasting like vanilla custard with stone fruit. And now is moving into the "rare" category. Please note: bottle only for sale.

bruichladdich Luxury Pack:Octomre 1.1 & 6 Neat Experience Glasses
700ml 65.30%
Bruichladdich Octomore 5yo 1.1 131ppm 700ml 63.5% With 6 x Neat Experience Handmade Whisky Glasses Explore the power and might of the first beast of whisky with a glass specifically designed for these brutal drams!

Bruichladdich Octomore 5yo 06.1 Scottish Barley 167ppm
700ml 57.00%
All I'll say is this: 5yo, 167ppm, 57% abv. Go on...I dare you!

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Scottish Barley Unpeated
700ml 50.00%
All American, little to no peat and some would say a return to traditional value. From All Things Whisky, "Palate: Some nice heat on arrival. Barley sugar sweetness up front. A nice candied fruit follows. Grassy Sauvignon Blanc tones. A very slight (but very nice) fuel note that dissipates with time in the glass. Still getting some orange. A touch of pepper. Toothpick and apple skin. Quite drying. None too complex, but doesnít need to be."

Bunnahabhain 12yo
700ml 46.30%
The Bunny 12yo to me is a true classic, lots of big malty flavours, the big luxuriant spirit is still there but now thereís a hint of the fresh sea air that works really well with the sweet oakey vanilla, quite appetising.

Bunnahabhain 18yo
700ml 46.30%
For sheer excitement and pure joy, I really don't think you can go past this beauty: The Bunny 18 is a truly magnificent malt, as it introduces weight and richness to the palate and a honey note to the nose, but thereís still the trademark salt tang there as well. Thereís a nice big dose of sherry oak that adds a raisined fruit, spice & nut element to the mid palate. The finish is dry & spicy with a hint of salt. Buxton's 101.

Bunnahabhain 25yo
700ml 46.30%
Very impressive, every part of this malt is in harmony and in balance. Only 400 bottles released of this voluptuous, lightly peated malt. Lots of caramel fudge & ice cream notes and then the dark chocolate, toffee and ginger spice kicks in. Very much the gentle giant of the non peated whisky styles. As Jim Marray says, "Yeah, this is the business".

Cadenhead Islay 7yo
700ml 57.60%
As I have always said, "Keep 'em young, keep 'em peaty" . And best of all, "keep 'em cask strength!" As Mark Watt declares, "Smoke peat and iodine are the order of the day. Rich coastal notes naturally with that all too familiar TCP & burning wood note." So who is it from? Laga, laga, laga, I just can't quite say it.

Cadenhead Small Batch Bunnahabhain 1994 20yo
700ml 57.10%
A well-aged Bunny, all bourbon oak and little to no peat. Very trad.

Cadenhead Small Batch Bunnahabhain 2005 10yo
700ml 46.00%
A young Bunny, that's what I like to see, low to zero peat, all bourbon cask matured. As trad Bunny should be! Has been described as tasting of citrus fruits, mild herbs with a slight salty note. Should be a nice contrast to the current official 12yo.

Cadenhead Small Batch Caol Ila 1984 31yo
700ml 52.10%
A well-aged Caol Ila. There is a rare treat and be warned, this is very little of this for sale. Notes from a retailer, "Time has softened the peaty, smoky notes considerably, with a nutty, coconut aroma and an intriguing marshmallowy sweetness. The coconut flavours come through again on the palate, with spicy yet delicate smokyness drifting around, drying slightly on the end with a creamy sweetness again. "

Duthies Islay
700ml 46.00%
A generic dram from Duthies which has caught the attention of Mark at the Malt blogsite, "now I do like it when the taste follows the nose, which this does sublimely. All of the above. More smoked sea food now, though, and here comes that beautifully balanced sweet smoke. Those core flavours - the dried fruits sweetness and the smoked fish - are all very strong, and tend to dominate. That makes you think at first that it's not an overly complex dram, and you might be right, but sit back, have some patience, and there's some nice stewed fruits and woodiness to come. But for the finish it's another stirring blast of peat, and a warm, peppery tang to the mouth."

Kilchoman Machir
700ml 46.00%
GIFT The bright, lively and peaty Machir Bay is presented in a super gift pack with 2 x embossed Glencairn whisky snifters. How good is that!

Blackadder Raw Cask Lochranza 1996 18yo Cask 1830
700ml 56.20%
Blackadder Raw Cask: It's the one with the bits in it and at cask strength! Notes from an OS retailer who gives away the distiller, "The sweetness of the Sherry casks is enjoyably pronounced in this one, and is balanced with good helpings of peach flesh and floral wafts along the way. This un-peated malt is a perfect example of the fresh character of Arran in all its maturity. Gold in colour and with a delicious aroma of toasted almonds, honey and spice, this highly anticipated bottling delivers a luxurious palate of ginger and caramelised brown sugar. Water releases subtle flower notes and rich Seville orange marmalade. The finish, reminiscent of toasted brioche and toffee apples, rounds off the most mature expression of The Arran Malt to date. Note this is distilled at Arran.

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  ITEMS 1 TO 20 OF 278
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