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Oddbins Wine Auctions
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Oddbins Wine Auctions
33 Sunbeam Road, Glynde,
SA, 5070, Australia

PO Box 2045, Glynde, SA, 5070

t:+61 (0)8 8365 4722
f:+61 (0)8 8365 4788

  Auctioneers & Valuers Of
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Specialising in the valuation and auctioning of rare, classic, historic & drinkable wines & spirits. Like to know what your whisky or wine collection is worth? Or how about turning those old bottles into cash? Then Oddbins Wine Auctions with over 30 years of experience can help you out!

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The Odd Whisky Coy's Testamonials

Joseph Chamberlain, the great English statesman, says of whisky:

"If there is in the whole of this business any single encouraging feature it is to be found in the gathering impatience of the people at the burden which they are bound to bear, and their growing indignation and sense of shame and disgrace which this imposes upon them. The fiery serpent of drink is destroying our people, and now they are awaiting with longing eyes the uplifting of the remedy."

Robert G Ingersoll's opinion of whisky:

" I am aware that there is a prejudice against any man engaged in the manufacture of alcohol. I believe, from the time it issues from the coiled and poisoned worm in the distillery until it enters into the hell of death, dishonour, and crime, that it dishonours everybody who touches it - from its source to where it ends. I do not believe anybody can contemplate the subject without becoming prejudiced against the liquor crime. All we have to do is to think of the wrecks on either side of the stream, of the suicides, of the insanity, of the ignorance, of the destitution produced by the devilish thing. And when you think of the jails, of the almshouses, of the asylums, of the prisons, of the scaffolds upon either bank, I do not wonder that every thoughtful man is prejudiced against the damned stuff called alcohol."


Martin Luther:

"Whoever first brewed beer has prepared a pest for Germany. I have prayed to God that He would destroy the whole brewing industry. I have often pronounced a curse on the brewer. All Germany could live on the barley that is spoiled and turned into a curse by the brewer."

Henry Ward Beecher:

" Every year I live increases my conviction that the use of intoxicating drinks is a greater destroying force to life and virtue that all other physical evils combined."

Archbishop Ireland:

"The great cause of social crime is drink. The great cause of poverty is drink. When I hear of a family broken up and ask the cause - drink. If I go to the gallows and ask its victim the cause, the answer - drink. Then I ask myself in perfect wonderment, why do not men put a stop to this thing?"


Dr J Starr, Chaplain Ohio Penitentiary:

"The records show that 1,250 persons have been received into this institution during the last eighteen months. Of these 930 acknowledge themselves to have been intemperate."

Queen of Madagascar:

"I cannot consent, as your Queen, to take revenue from the sale of liquor, which destroys the souls and bodies of my subjects."

The Supreme Court of South Carolina, in the case of the State ex rel. George vs Aiken, said:

"Liquor in its nature is dangerous to the morals, good order, health, and safety of the people, and is not to be placed on the same footing with the ordinary commodities of life, such as corn, wheat, cotton, potatoes, etc."

Bob the Camel:

"Whisky rocks, but not as much as Fezzes"


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