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Cadenhead Small Batch Laphroaig 1998 20yo
700ml 54.30%
A very special 2018 release from Wm Cadenhead: a well aged Islay dram from the world's favourite smoky malt, Laphroaig. All bourbon cask matured, only 474 bottles released and tasting of, "Meaty initially then black cherry fruitiness. Finishing with oysters and spiced ham while smoke gradually builds through."

Cadenhead Small Batch Auchroisk 1989 24yo Sherry Oak
700ml 57.50%
Now I've just found out that this gem is all sherry oak matured. In Mark Watt's words, "Nose Rhubarb, lime leaves, warm cola, cherries and creamy buttery pastry, cinema toffee popcorn, creamy honeycomb notes. Palate Rich and chocolaty; lots of red fruits, toffee and hot cross buns. Almost honey like with caramel popcorn. Rich sherry tones linger to the side then a rather warming spiced fruit coats the palate. Some dryness makes the natural oils concentrate the palate. Finish Lots of toffee, warming spices and raspberry jam. This is a thick rich whisky that coats the palate with an almost sherry cask taste that is evident in the middle palate." Only 1140 bottles produced.

Mortlach Rare Old
500ml 43.40%
This is art of the new incarnation of the fabulously rich, flavoursome and very hard to come by Mortlach. Matured both in bourbon and sherry casks. Be warned, it comes in a 500ml bottle. From Whisky For Every One, "On the palate this feels robust, a little feisty and hot. There is a lovely battle going on between the sweet, savoury and spicy notes. First comes delicious sweet notes of toffee, salted caramel and honeycomb. These are quickly joined by a luscious rich fruity characteristic which is reminiscent of a mix of raisins, dried mango and spiced orange. Underneath are notes of vanilla, crystalised ginger and vanilla pods, all of which are backed up and complimented by a distinct savoury characteristic. This manifests itself as a yeasty, slightly meaty note which adds depth, warmth and complexity. The finish is long and becomes increasingly dry with a lovely tobacco leaf/cigar-like earthiness coming through to compliment the sweeter elements."

Cadenhead Small Batch Aberfeldy 1997 19yo
700ml 55.30%
An aged Aberfeldy is never a bad thing. Distilled 1997, bottled 2016, 2 x ex Bourbon casks, out-tun: 528 bottles. Official notes read, "Spicy note, lemon meringue, apricots, syrup, lime and spiced apple."

Cadenhead Small Batch Deanston 1994 19yo
700ml 56.40%
Deanston! What the f....I've never liked in the past as they are usually sulfured, hard and awkward in style. But this is different: it's so clean! No wonder they got rid of this barrel, it would not have suited their official style in the 1990's. In their words, "Nose Waxy fruits and green apple skins along with some cold meats. Lots of lemon notes, some olives and fig chutney. Palate Spiced apples, green bananas, whole limes and coconut milk. Fresh cut grass and lots of fragrant herbs. Finish White wine, watermelon, cloves and a little oily." Only 846 bottles produced.

Glenmorangie 12yo Lasanta
700ml 46.00%
Lastanta, the new model that replaces the old Olroso Sherry finish. An easy going style, plenty of dried fruit, nuts & toffee flavours, some sweet/pulpy fruit notes and a soft, finishes softly with hints of spiced orange and hazelnuts. it's sherried gentleness is quite engaging. Oh, and by the way, I believe Lasanta is actually Gaelic for warmth & passion.

Southern Coast Distillers 2007 5yo Batch 006 Single Malt Whisky
700ml 46.00%
CLOSED DISTILLERY Just been bottled (May 2012) and after 6 different bottlings, the South Coast Distillers can now boast a definite house style...rich fruit cake. The spirit quality is excellent as it is both rich, sweet and clean, and the oak handling is superb. Some rough tasting notes from yours truly: Big lift of violet crumble bars, honeycombe, spicy oak on the nose. The palate is fat, rich but just a tad short, plenty of creamy malt and vanilla oak. The finish is sweet and long lasting, plenty of lingering spiced honey. . Official notes, "Nose: Fruity and nutty; muscovado sugar and sugared peanuts with fresh cut apricots and mandarin. Initially has rum/rockmelon/scorched paper note but deepens into briny walnuts and white oak along with darker fruits; dried apricots. Palate: rum soaked fruit early then chestnuts and smoked almonds kick in along with wine and brine; where the hell does that saltiness come from and the scorched peanuts and the warm walnut skin finish? Finish: Buttery, orange peel, charred/roasted nuts, some wood tannins and furry bitters. Comment: even tastes slightly peated; slightly furry. Just keeps getting better in the glass. Sure as hell isn�t scotch � it�s better!"

Cadenhead Distillerie Charpentier 30yo Petite Champagne Cognac
700ml 52.40%
Quite extraordinary. Cadenhead's are at it again, annoying the living daylights out of the Cognacais: It's Cognac, it has an age statement, possibly a single barrel, cask strength and no caramel colouring. Serge from WhiskyFun rated it at 90pts in Sept 2015 and in Cadenhead's words, "A big nose from this single cask Cognac. Sweet toffee; quite oily with bananas, liquorice, brown sugar and coffee beans. Palate Sandalwood; stewed fruits with soft spices; white pepper, cinnamon, star anise and then toffee and faint kiwi fruits. Amazingly rich and rather complex as one would expect after 30 years in the cask. Finish Growing toffee and spiced oak with waxy orange notes and candied ginger. A sit back and relax cognac. Dare we say this would make a fantastic gift for anyone who's looking for an alternative to buying a whisky."

Cadenhead Old Raj Spiced Gin
700ml 55.00%
A new Old_Raj for 2018 and what a fresh, spicy gem it is. And here's what goes into it...Juniper, Pink Peppercorn, Orange, Almond, Cumin, Coriander, Cubebs, Rowanberry, Smoked Paprika, Saffron added post-distillation. And as we know, the Colonel is never wrong!

Southern Coast Rum Batch 01R
700ml 46.00%
CLOSED DISTILLERY From the Adelaide based Southern Coast Distillers comes this cracking and gutsy rum. Filled into a re-made and re-furbished, very heavily charred port cask made from American oak in May 2008 this cask filled 180 bottles at 46% in April 2010. There was a very long fermentation using a wine yeast and Queensland molasses with acid balance provided by citrus fruit. In their words, "Nose: Fruit juice and fresh coriander, spiced apple toffee, brown sugar � rockmelon/ and ether/ isopropanol alcohol/acetone, gets fruitier with sultanas, raisins � apricot nectar. Lots of higher alcohols � lovely clean spirit, 20 Palate: fruity, syrupy, oily and like brandy soaked apricots, hot spirit, lots of raisins, sour melon with raisin and sultana slab. Finish: lingering raisins, ether, rockmelon and apricots, melon and fruit and nut mix, ether in the tail, along with paper and bamboo/sugarcane. Ether etc really hang around, warming and fruity spirit. Balance: Nice all the way through with the palate the star. The rest provided a nice support act." As distiller Ian Schmidt says, "rum is not just for Queenslanders"! SALE Pic indicative only

SEARCH   CATALOGUE - Search for: spiced
  ITEMS 1 TO 10 OF 10
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