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Acorn Bruichladdich Port Charlotte 2002 14yo Homage To Caledonia Cask 1214
700ml 60.00%
I was shown these a month of so ago and was surprised to see that they are from a Japanese Indie bottler, Acorn. Typical PC: loads of peat and rich spirit. but is the first time that PC has been Independently bottled?

Ardbeg 10yo
700ml 46.00%
Since Glenmorangie and then Moet Hennessy got behind this distillery, there has been no looking back as this so called "entry level" malt is of a standard that few malts have ever come close to. Clean, precise, intense, complex, mouthfilling and of course highly peaty. Awesome in all departments. Just ask Jim Murray, Franz Scheurer and a raft of other notable whisky scribes. Buxton's 101.

Ardbeg An Oa
700ml 46.60%
So do we say goodnight to Corryvreckan and say so-long to Uigeadail? That's what I was told, but then others beg to differ. So, meet the new no age statement Ardbeg: An Oa, Is it going to be their replacement? A mix of casks including PX Sherry, Bourbon oak, French oak charred new oak. Dry and sooty is how one pundit put it while Murray rates it at 95.5pts.

Ardbeg Auriverdes
700ml 49.90%
Ardbeg Day 2014 Release It's all about football but the dram is highly intriguing. Fuller notes to follow...but in the meantime here's some official notes, "The casks are American white oak ex-Bourbon barrels, which were shipped over from the United States as per the norm. The insides of the barrels had therefore been charred in the traditional, Bourbon specification manner. From Caskstrength.com, "Nose: Hot, with some distinct Ardbeg smokiness (sweet cure bacon), alongside a little dry spiciness, a big waft of vanilla pipe tobacco, expresso coffee, a touch of ginger and an injection of some lighter citrus zest - fresh lemon and lime. It's powerful, but with a light touch alongside - think Didier Drogba... Palate: More classic Ardbeg fullness, the smoke turning a little more medicinal, with greener notes (fresh orchard fruit) and something a little more savoury - sweet potato perhaps? There is a youthful zestiness at play too but the mouthfeel is superb, with more smoked meat, vanilla and a candied sweetness - the 10 year old is a good reference point, but it has a little more depth alongside. Finish: Surprisingly dry, with a lingering oaky spice, some sooty residue and a last-gasp citrus bite."

Ardbeg Corryvreckan
700ml 57.10%
It comes from Ardbeg's experiments in the late 1990's and suprisngly is matured or part matured in French oak along with the usual ex Bousbon oak. Belived to be a marriage of Ardbeg's 10yo and Uigeadail. From John Hansell, Malt Advocate, "Powerful, muscular, well-textured, and invigorating. Even within the realm of Ardbeg, this one stands out. The more aggressive notes of coal tar, damp kiln, anise and smoked seaweed are supported by an array of fruit."

Ardbeg Uigeadail
700ml 54.20%
The Uigeadail adds sherry to the Ardbeg range, and a mighty fine dram it is. Very intense, lots of peat (as you could imagine) but the addition of fino sherry oak along with the trademark bourbon wood to the mix, adds another dimension to this champion malt. Buxton's 101 & 97.5pts Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2010.

Bowmore The Devils Casks Double The Devil Release 3 First Fill Sherry Casks
700ml 56.70%
The last of this famous Bowmore series of specialist bottlings. A mix of Oloroso and PX sherry oak are used for the maturation of this fulsome dram. From The Whiskey Reviewer< "Funk, youth, fire. This release is a high octane syrupy mess, but I mean this in the best way. This is a young whisky, but one that makes up for its immaturity with brute force. Plus, the use of two first-fill sherry casks in the batch and being bottled at cask strength does much to make up for this being NAS, unlike its predecessors. The mouthfeel is even, with a spicy sugar note and hints of peat smoke."

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Heavily Peated Scottish Barley
700ml 50.00%
Bruichladdich at 40ppm and at 50%. They at Bruichladdich call it floral and elegant.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte PC8 Ar Duthchas
700ml 60.50%
After version 3 (PC7) comes version 4, PC8. Funny That. I bet they are doing this evolutionary thingy? So what do we have here? Now an eight year old with slightly less alcohol The distillery calls it, "Macho. Testosterone. Virile, hunter/gatherer. The power of this spirit reaches deep in to the soul." Murray scored it at 88pts, while a famous retailer describes it as a liquefied Mars Bar! Some have also declared that the extra ageing has added more complexity to this heavily peated whisky. Matured in American white oak. The Gaelic translation is, "Land of our fathers". Best Whisky at the 2009 Whisky Fringe in Edinburgh.

Bunnahabhain 25yo
700ml 46.30%
Very impressive, every part of this malt is in harmony and in balance. Only 400 bottles released of this voluptuous, lightly peated malt. Lots of caramel fudge & ice cream notes and then the dark chocolate, toffee and ginger spice kicks in. Very much the gentle giant of the non peated whisky styles. As Jim Marray says, "Yeah, this is the business".

Cadenhead Islay 7yo
700ml 57.60%
As I have always said, "Keep 'em young, keep 'em peaty" . And best of all, "keep 'em cask strength!" As Mark Watt declares, "Smoke peat and iodine are the order of the day. Rich coastal notes naturally with that all too familiar TCP & burning wood note." So who is it from? Laga, laga, laga, I just can't quite say it.

Cadenhead Single Cask Bunnahabhain 1999 16yo
700ml 49.70%
From Cadenhead's Single Cask range, this bright Bunny has certainly been caught in the headlights. Distilled 1999, bottled 2016, ex Bourbon cask with three years in sherry hogshead, out-turn: 276 bottles. Mark Watt writes, "Slight saltiness, soft spice; limes, dark chocolate, cocktail cherries and strawberries."

Caol Ila 18yo
700ml 43.00%
Another malt that makes me go weak at the knees! Sweet, malty, a touch of almonds & stone fruit, perfect amount of smoke and a texture to die for. Long, lingering and very yum.

Lagavulin 1995 17yo Distillers Edition
700ml 43.00%
This is a most impressive Islay whisky. As I have said before take a slightly younger Lagavulin spirit and pour it into some used PX (very sweet) sherry casks. The sweetly raisined fruit works so well with the big blast of peat. And best of all, it is one of the few spirits that perfectly matches those amazing 99% pure cocoa chocolates! Pic indicative only.

Lagavulin 1996 12yo Distillers Edition
700ml 43.00%
This is the 2012 release of this richly sherried (PX sherry that is) and peaty dram. Christmas cake, rum, chocolate and a bonfire. And with such splendid balance too.

Lagavulin 1997 15yo Distillers Edition
700ml 43.00%
One of TOWC's favourite, if not well trusted malts for the last 15 or so years. For me the perfect combo of smoke and sherried fruit. Classic big, heavy weight and full on smoky Lagavulin 16yo that's had further matured in ex PX sherry casks. The end result is a melange of big, fat, sweet tasting spirit along with with plenty of smoke and that lush Christmas cake fruit flavours. Magic stuff.

Lagavulin 1998 15yo Distillers Edition
700ml 43.00%
A 2015 bottling of this extraordinarily good sherry influenced Lagavulin. From WhiskyNotes, "rich, with more ashy peat than on the nose. Some tarry notes and earthy notes. Oranges, a hint of herbal honey, but again no overdose of sherry sweetness. Tobacco leaves, some mint and Turkish coffee in the end. Less sherry than, say, five years ago."

Lagavulin 1999 15yo Distillers Edition
700ml 43.00%
It's always a joy to see the famed and richly flavoured Lagavulin finished in PX sherry oak. Bottled in 2015, so it's either a 15 or 16yo, From WhiskySaga, "Rich in sweetness at first, then it sort of switches gears and I find dry ashes and pepper. Amazingly it switches again and there’s notes of fruit juices – citrus, melon and pineapple."

Laphroaig 10yo
700ml 40.00%
Another absolute Islay standard...lots of smoke, iodine, rubber, coconut oak, drying, bracing, challenging and definitely not for those looking for a late afternoon comfort dram.

Laphroaig Quarter Cask
700ml 48.00%
Very popular, very engaging, at first creamily sweet Laphroaig, but as dig deeper into it, the mid palate is dry, spicy, peaty. The finish is long and smokily dry. The technique for this malt is to use small 80lt ex bourbon casks, hence the uptake of oak flavours (vanilla & coconut) is faster. Just ask Bill Lark, he's been doing it for years. Buxton's 101.

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  ITEMS 1 TO 20 OF 364
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