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Glenmorangie Milsean Private Edition
700ml 46.00%
At the time, this dram was rather controversial, as the Scotch Whisky Association didn't like the idea of the toasting of Portuguese red wine barrels without scraping them out. They regarded the whisky as having added flavour and colour.

Glenmorangie Taster Pack 4 x 10cl 400ml
Also new for Xmas 2018 comes tihs neat ittle taster pack from Glenmorangie. 4 x 100ml tasting pack comprising the core of the Gleno range: 10yo Original, 12yo Lasanta, 12yo Nectar DOr and 12yo Quinta Ruben.

Oban 14yo
200ml 43.00%
A 200ml bottling of one of Diageo's "classic" malts, very perfumed, fruity and mildly spicy malt with just a hint of peat.

Springbank 15yo PSI 10th Anniversary Single Cask
700ml 48.30%
Ten years I've been putting up with Shane K and what a trip it has been! Thanks Mate and well done on surviving 10 years in the whisky business. Can anyone remember the famed 1998 PSI bottling? Well this is a more than worthy replacement. It was made up with a number of 60-80 litre mainly port casks and and then spent its last 6-12 months in a 500 litre butt. Full, rich and very powerful and possibly one of the last private bottlings to come out of Springbank. Numbers are pitiful so get in quick. And from Shane K, "deep & dark Big lifted nose, creme brullee, toffee, sumptuous oak, whiff of smoke, rich, sweet, muscat, solid, The mouth is so rich, long and wide, lush, sweet, jelly like, hints of smoke, lush oak, mid palate grip belies 48%, lingering tannic finish, quite a mouthfull, This is what I like!"

Tomatin 15yo Moscatel Cask Finished
700ml 46.00%
Just arrived in time for Christmas 2018 and what a treat it is. For a 15yo that has an excellent seam of sweet fruitiness, the oak and malt work so well with the fresh and lively spirit. Yep, that's right, there is a nice (used in the correct sense) degree of freshness about this dram. Big long palate, plenty of sweetly rich flavour and a lingering maltiness. Bravo!

Tomatin Cu Bocan
700ml 46.00%
Now here's an interesting dram as I ask you, "When was the last time you tried an official Tomatin?" And it's a very modern style: lightly peaty (15ppm), matured in both used Bourbon & sherry along with new oak. Yep virgin oak. And the taste? It's young, feisty with the new oak dominating the palate. As WhiskyNotes states, "Chilli pepper, burnt leaves. Ginger, cloves and aniseed."

Wolfburn 3yo 2016 Standard Release
700ml 46.00%
Well it's finally arrived! Scotland's newest distillery with an actual single malt for sale. The distillery is built on the site of the original Wolfburn that closed 150 years ago! And this release comes from the spirit distilled for the first time since 1866 in 2013. For the moment I am going to let Dave Broom at ScotchWhisky.com describe this brand new dram, "Nose Light and soft with poached pear and a hint of clove and vanilla, then some smoky wood/ burnt bannocks. Becomes more scented, with elements of privet and cherry blossom, then lemon balm and a huge hit of fresh mint. Becomes increasingly like a quality reposado Tequila which is no bad thing in my world. Palate: Well balanced. A peppery start – there’s that reposado again. Sweet, softly fruited, but feisty, and even at 46% it needs water. This reveals the youth, but the spirit is clean and characterful, soft and slightly unctuous and showing good weight, which will allow it to grow. Finish: Medium length. Lightly smoky. Conclusion: Aged in quarter casks (from an Islay distillery) to give a quick boost to a young spirit. I’ve been impressed with Wolfburn’s quality from the word go and this doesn’t disappoint. One to watch. The score reflects its competitive set. Right place, right time: Lost in a Mexican herb garden. Score: 8/10."

Cadenhead Small Batch Auchentoshan 1999 17yo
700ml 55.50%
The famed triple from outside Glasgow returns in 2016, in Mr Watt's immortal words, "Who said whisky is a winter drink! This is the best example of a summer malt you would ever want with a twist for a lowland that just makes it that little more special, Small amount of salt, but with cream and the summer flavours remerging. Yes a slight saltiness was in the middle palate and the finish that gave the dram a rather nice uplift that took us by surprise."

Cadenhead Small Batch Auchentoshan 1999 19yo Bourbon & Ch Lafitte Casks
700ml 52.40%
Look at this combo! Classic triple distilled Auchentoshan, matured in creamy Bourbon casks married with superlative French oak that contained one of the great Clarets of all time. And the reult according the chaps at Cadenheads? "Nose: Red cola, beef stock cube, strawberries. Flavour: Red fruits, banana skin. Slightly waxy. Finish: Cherries, tannins from the wine come through. Also some menthol notes."

Spencer Collings Imperial Tribute Blended Single Malt Whisky
700ml 46.00%
GIFT No, it's not about the British Empire, the name goes way back further to when the Romans had a go at organising the poms and the celts. Ever read anything about the Eagle Of The 9th? A great tale about imperial over extension. So, meet Mike Collings, ex Diageo heavyweight, responsible for the introduction of the Distillers range, Walker Blue Label and the scandalous Loch Dhu amongst other things to the whisky world. Now he's turned his hand to creating his own unique style of malt. Imperial Tribute is a blended single malt, mainly sourced from Speyside and is a melange of 10, 20, 30 and 40 year old malts with a good dose of sherry oak in the medley. And the taste? Sublimely rich, balanced and oh, so very long. The alcohol keeps it lively and there's enough kitchen spice and dried fruits to keep you intrigued. The finish is lingering barley sugar, ginger and a distinct dryness.And best of all? You get to personalise the bottle and the certificate at no extra cost! So as a luxury gift for Christmas or just for your own private collection, Imperial tribute is a gem. *** WE WILL EMAIL YOU A PERSON ALISATION FORM ONCE ORDER IS PLACED. ****Please allow three (5) days before we can send out. Usual terms and conditions apply

Ardbeg 1999 13yo Galileo
700ml 49.00%
From Possible Failure...Comes a brilliant new Ardbeg star! Enough of the Sicilian-ness, this latest offering from Lumsden's skunk works proves to be a most intriguing and dare I say daring experiment that almost went wrong. Lumsden team's use of Sicilian Marsala casks didn't turn out as expected, in his words, "too syrupy and bit too treacly." So a dose of classic Ardbeg was called for. From the well known blogger Billy, "Nose: Soft, sweet peat, sweet spirity notes, tarred ropes, coal dust, barbequed pineapple (� la St Heston of Bray), a touch of dirty sump oil, pine needles, freshly smashed-open coconut, dry breadcrumbs and crushed seashells. Palate: The first thing I noticed was that it wasn�t as sweet as the nose might have suggested, at least not in an upfront syrupy way. Instead it had unsweetened tropical fruit and sharp edged Fruit Salad chews, filled out with rich fruitcake sweetness, although this is Ardbeg so it was more a �smoked fruitcake� hit, along with cold coal stoves, dark wood, a hint of leaf mulch and some sea spray. Finish: On the swallow there was a burst of tarry phenols, which faded to leave lingering damp wood and leaves." And from Gavin D Smith's Whisky Pages - Whisky Of The Year (no age) 2012!

Ardbeg Corryvreckan1st Release
700ml 57.10%
If you've missed the advertising on this new Ardbeg, then I suggest you hunt it out. Great stuff. So, another new Ardbeg, once again very limited but I do hear that it is to replace the Beist! So I wonder what's next? It comes from Ardbeg's experiments in the late 1990's and suprisngly is matured or part matured in French oak along with the usual ex Bousbon oak. Belived to be a marriage of Ardbeg's 10yo and Uigeadail.. From John Hansell, Malt Advocate, "Powerful, muscular, well-textured, and invigorating. Even within the realm of Ardbeg, this one stands out. The more aggressive notes of coal tar, damp kiln, anise and smoked seaweed are supported by an array of fruit."

Ardbeg Supernova Committee Release SN2015 100ppm
700ml 54.30%
Here it is, the 100ppm whopper from Ardbeg. Sweet and smoky with the marketing hint that this may be last of this series! In their words, "At 100ppm, the peat is firing on all cylinders, with blasts of spice, salted caramel and billowing smoke. And then it�s back to the laboratory, where antiseptic lozenges, medicinal notes and zingy aniseed intermingle with dark tar and intense chilli-spice."

Ardbeg We've Arrived Renaissance
700ml 55.90%
The final in the lead up to Ardbeg's release later this year of their very owned distilled 10yo. Very, very impressive not only for its massive peat attack but also for its impressive mouthfeel and depth & complexity of flavour. Bottled at cask strength.

Bowmore Voyage Port Cask Old Bottling
700ml 56.00%
RARE Released in 2000, this Port Cask influenced Bowmore certainly caught everyone's attention at the time, as the alcohol was bright and there was unique flavour of violets. As one pundit put it in 2017, "At the beginning very intense taste of licorice lozenges with violet flavor. Fine-herb, bitter wood. Sweet honey, a pine needle infusion. Marzipan chocolate." Actual pic shown.

Brora 30yo 2003 2nd Release
700ml 55.70%
Founded 1819, closed 1983 and often gets confused with Clynelish. Why? Because both distillerys were on the some site. It's worth doing a bit of reading on this malt, as Brora was the heavily peated version of it's sibling Clynelish. This 30yo is the second release and for quite some time was the absolute darling of the whisky collectors around the globe. And still is. Pic indicative only.

Cadenhead Single Cask Glen Keith 1973 42yo
700ml 45.80%
Wowsers! How old can a whisky get? A relatively new distillery, founded 1957, closed in 1999 and reopened in 2013! In their words as I will probably never get to try it, Herbal on the nose, more jammy fruity notes on the taste with growing spices of cloves and cinnamon. Dried bananas and lime pickle on the finish. Only 180 bottles released.

Douglas Laing XOP Port Ellen 1982 33yo
700ml 55.60%
A Port Ellen. My first for 2018. Even with the announcement of the new distillery. These older bottlings are still attracting enthusiastic attention by collectors and imbibers alike. And the style? Soft and gentle does it.

Duncan Taylor Dallas Dhu 1981 24yo Single Cask
700ml 58.30%
Closed Distillery. And quite the oddity, as the distillery was mothballed in 1983 and then turned into museum. And all the equipment is still there. The distillery style was sweet, honeyed and oily.

Glen Albyn 10yo Castle Box Old Bottling
750ml 43.00%
RARE And why is it rare? Because it is an official bottling possibly dating from the late 1970's. I remember Glen Alby's being quite oily. Actual pic shown.

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  ITEMS 221 TO 240 OF 413
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