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Johnnie Walker Gold Label The Centenary Blend 18yo
700ml 40.00%
One of the super-dooper Johnnies. Supposedly it is made up of 15 different malts and grains including Clynelish and Cardhu. This is an older bottling.

New Zealand Whisky Collection Willowbank 16yo Dunedin Doublewood Blend
500ml 40.00%
A 16yo blend for how much!? I know it's 500ml, but hells bells talk about bang for your buck. Coming from an enterprising group that picked up a number of barrels from the now closed Willowbank distillery located in Dunedin on NZ South Island. 70% malt, 30% grain, 6 years in American oak, then the rest of the time in French oak Kiwi red wine casks (pinot and cab). And the taste? All sweet and spicy and don't forget to check the remarkable colour.

Blackadder Legendary Sherry Finish 2016
700ml 46.00%
So what is it? Where does it come from? Here's my Raw Notes: Mod deep colour. Big, sweet fresh sherry nose, barley sugar, mild malt, American oak, Crisp, great length, narrow, slightly salty/ peaty? Finish, crisp maltiness, supple sherried fruit, gritty oak, Intensity, underlying sherried fruit sweetness. Great stuff. Pic indicative only.

Blackadder Peat Reek Embers 8Yo 2018
700ml 58.50%
For 2019, this is a new version of the famed Blackadder Peat Reek, but this version is all about Highland's peat. The hallmark of this smokey delight, is the burning embers Highland peat imbue of this mouthfilling dram. Quite the subtle contrast from the Islay style of smoke. Pic to follow.

Blackadder Puff Adder Blended Malt 2019
700ml 46.00%
Brand new for 2019, this is the Tucek's attempt at a soft and gentle blended malt with an intriguing puff of smoke in it. All bourbon cask creaminess, typical Blackadder crisp malt, definitely no caramel colouring and no chill filtering. Official notes read, "Nose: caramel with red fruit, farm aromas with vanilla and copper in the sun. Palate: white and yellow fruit with earthy aromas, grass and sugar. Finish: surprising and refreshing:. Long and lingering.

Cadenhead 175th Anniversary Burnside 1989 28yo
700ml 47.30%
New for 2018, this is an older rendition of Springbank's rather tasty blended malt whisky, that is named after a closed Campbeltown distillery. Previous editions were made up of Balvenie teaspooned with Glenlivet. Out-turn is a pitiful 132 bottles, with official notes stating, "Caramel, orange peel an paeches.".

Cadenhead Creations 1991 26yo Light Creamy Vanilla Glenlivet Bruichladdich et al Blended Malt
700ml 43.80%
This is Mark Watt's, head man at Wm Cadenheads, Batch 3 of Light and Creamy blended single malt, Take a look what went int it: Glenlivet, Bruichladdich, Glen Grant, Aultmore, Tamdhu, Strathisla and Braeval. And according to Mark, "Nose: heather, brown sugar, banana loaf, mint, cocktail cherries, tropical fruits. Flavour: peach, raisins, pan fried pineapple, tinned pears, dark chocolate, Finish: Custard cream, plums, parma ham,"

Cadenhead Single Cask Burnside Balvenie Glenfiddich Blended Malt 1991 27yo
700ml 44.80%
Burnside was a distillery located in Campbeltown, home today of Wm Cadenhead bottlers and Springbank distillers. The distillery was founded in 1824 and closed in 1924. Today, the name is owned by Mr Hedley Wright of J&A Mitchell, who is trying to keep the old Campbeltown distillery names alive in the 21st century. So, the modern Burnside is a blended single malt, where a variety of malts are blended together to get a unique flavour. For this 27yo, it's a blend of the highly desirable Balvenie and Glenfiddich malts. Cadenheads notes declare, "Creme brulee, soft stewed fruits, juicy lime, mango and peaches." All American oak matured, 162 bottles released.

Cadenhead Small Batch Burnside 1989 26yo Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 48.80%
Burnside I hear you ask? I thought that was an old closed distillery in Campbeltown. So what is going on here then? Well, here's what one blogger declared, "What do you get when you mix a teaspoon of Glenfiddich into a cask of Balvenie? Burnside blended malt whisky. Try buying an official Balvenie 25 year at this price." Official notes, "Custard creams, almonds, slightly salty with growing citrus fruits." I've also heard that a touch of Kinivie maybe in it too. Can't wait to try it!!

Cadenhead Small Batch Burnside 1989 27yo Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 46.50%
Burnside I hear you ask? I thought that was an old closed distillery in Campbeltown. So what is going on here then? Well, here's what one blogger declared, "What do you get when you mix a teaspoon of Glenfiddich into a cask of Balvenie? Burnside blended malt whisky." Matures in two bourbon barrels with only 288 bottles relaesed. In Cadenhead's words, "Red apples, chocolate, strawberries with cream and a biscuit note.

Spencer Collings Founders Reserve 10yo Blended Malt Whisky
700ml 54.80%
This rather splendid blended single malt whisky, comes from that superstar marketer, who working for DCL/UDV in the 1980's, was responsible for creation and launch of UDV's Classic Malt range and then went on to create other masterpieces including Johnnie Blue Label. So he knows what he is doing and his Founders Reserve is a treat. The original Speyside and Islay single malt whiskies were matured in refill sherry butts of approx 105 Imperial gallons. The Northern Highlands was matured in a second fill American oak Bourbon barrel of 50 US gallons. The Speyside & Islay whiskies are then transferred to a first fill Madeira barriques of approx 49 Imperial gallons. And the taste: Melting richness, a melange of dried fruits, Madeira oak spiciness with a crisp dry finish. Long and highly balanced. Bravo Mr C!!

Cadenhead Grossperrin 32yo Grande Champagne Cognac
700ml 52.80%
Another malt drinkers brandy, from the house of Wm Cadenhead. Why a malt drinkers brandy? No caramel colouring, has an age statement, is a single cask and it's at cask strength. Won't see that on the front label of Cognac. Expect highly complex flavours of spicy oak, fruity and flowery grape flavours backed up by lively spirit. With all being smoothed out during its 32 year stay in a single cask.

Cadenhead Pierre Croizet Fins Bois XO Cognac
700ml 49.80%
Yes, itís a brandy, in fact a Cognac - in all its pure naked glory. Sick of the light weight, caramel dosed commercial version of this spirit? I most certainly am, and when I tried this, it just knocked me over!! It's aromatic, spicy, highly intriguing, the alcohol is racy and it's a touch rustic. But it is so fabulously splendid. And no caramel to dull the senses and at cask strength too! In thier words, "Nose: Sweet; oily; orange peel; rich fruits; plums.Palate: Parma violets; orange zest; marzipan; fruity; dry sweetness towards the end." As one tasted loudly stated, "This is the brandy for whisky drinkers".

Cadenhead Pierre Croizet Fins Bois XO Cognac
700ml 50.00%
New bottling for 2013 at a new strength of 50%. This is a whisky lovers brandy. Cask strength, no caramel colouring and single cask bottling. Everything a Cognac should not be!! Once again there is a purity and intensity of flavour and a curious note of baked apples and pastry flavours. . In their very brief words, "Nose Blackcurrant, marzipan, toffee Palate Aromatic. Buttery marzipan. Smooth and sweet. Finish A medium finish." Pic indicative only.

Cadenhead Old Raj Caol Ila Whisky Cask Matured Gin
700ml 55.00%
Well we have ahd rums before that were aged in Islay casks and we have even had a number of malts aged in rum casks. But this is a first for me: Cadenheads famed Old_Raj matured in a 1991 Caol Ila hogshead for 299 days. Wow! The official notes read, "The result is a creamy gin with faint smoke in the background." And just for your information the botanicals in this gin are: Juniper, licourice, angelica root, orris, cinnamon, casia quills and nutmeg. Very limited, only 342 bottles released.

Cadenhead Old Raj Gin
700ml 55.00%
Haven't tried it yet? Our star performer in 2008, 2009, 2010 and now 2011 - big, intensive, loads of saffron, clean & pure & makes one mighty dry martini. And look at the alcohol weight...55%! With Old_Raj, the colonel is never wrong.

Cadenhead Old Raj Spiced Gin
700ml 55.00%
A new Old_Raj for 2018 and what a fresh, spicy gem it is. And here's what goes into it...Juniper, Pink Peppercorn, Orange, Almond, Cumin, Coriander, Cubebs, Rowanberry, Smoked Paprika, Saffron added post-distillation. And as we know, the Colonel is never wrong!

Macallan Amber Liqueur
700ml 25.00%
Ever had a Macallan that tasted of pecans and maple syrup? Well this is it. It came with a lot of surprise and left rather rapidly with the same sense of surprise. Overall an extraordinary whisky based liqueur.

Sortilege Canadian Whisky And Maple Syrup Liqueur
750ml 30.00%
The Whisky_Show Exclusive Offer - For Saturday 28th only!! The name says it all. It's all about Quebec.

Sortilege Maple Cream Liqueur
750ml 17.00%
The Whisky_Show Exclusive Offer - For Saturday 28th only!! Rich and creamy and tasting of maple syrup. More ice-cream please!

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  ITEMS 341 TO 360 OF 413
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