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Speciality Drinks Port Askaig 100 Deg Proof 2 Glencairn Glass Gift Pack
700ml 57.10%
The famed smoky Port Askaig, which I suspect is Caol Ila, comes from that prominent whisky trader, Mr Sukhinder Singh of The Whisky Exchange fame. And best of all, not only is it at cask strength but it comes gift boxed with 2 x Glencairn glasses. From RianC on Connsr.com, "This, in my humble opinion, is Caol Ila. That leathery, lemon note with the sooty, mineralic peat nails it down for me - but I could well be wrong . . . Either way, it's a very enjoyable whisky and I find that even for a bit of a peaty bruiser it lends itself to a warm day such as this due to the very lemon forward nature of the dram. The finish is a belter (reminiscent of Ardbeg 10, but not quite!) and given what some young CIs go for it's excellent vfm. It needed a bit of time to open up as it was rather on the nippy side at first and definitely benefits from a good helping of water. A peater for all seasons . . . hooray!".

Blackadder Raw Cask The Old Man Of Hoy 2005 12yo 2018 Batch 1 Single Orcadian Malt
700ml 60.70%
Old_Man Of Hoy? It's Orcandian, so any guesses? Expect a seaside character with a hint of peat and it all being intensified by being at cask strength. This is Batch 1, all American oak maturation. From stefsel111 on WhiskyBase, "Peppery indeed, also a whif of sweet menthol in the nose, betadine, hospital smell, Nice long finish!! Yet another power-dram from Blackadder , Great stuff. 88pts."

Blackadder Raw Cask The Old Man Of Hoy 2005 12yo 2018 Batch 2 Single Orcadian Malt
700ml 60.80%
Old_Man Of Hoy? It's Orcandian, so any guesses? Expect a seaside character with a hint of peat and it all being intensified by being at cask strength. This is Batch 2, all American maturation and subtly different form Batch 1.

Cadenhead Single Cask Highland Park 1989 29yo
700ml 40.60%
A single cask oh Highland Park. And a 29yo at that. What a wonder! 198 bottles only, all bourbon oak matured, fruity and lightly smoky. Sounds like classic HP to me. According to Cadenheads the taste is of, "Tropical fruits, gooseberries and white grapes. While finishing with smoke, lemon zest and orchard fruits."

Cadenhead Single Cask Highland Park 1996 20yo
700ml 50.60%
A somewhat curious HP as they notes don't really mention the classic peat/honey combo that HP used to bang on about. I've seen modern versions, very similar to this one. Distilled 1996, bottled 2016, ex Bourbon cask, out-turn: 258 bottles. From Mr Cadenhead, Mark Watt, "A little lemon, vanilla, lots of cream, apple crumble, icing sugar and pear tart...a very coastal finish."

Cadenhead Small Batch Highland Park 1990 25yo
700ml 50.60%
This is a vatting of two bourbon hogsheads and as Serge Valentin declares, "Sharp, waxy, citrusy, herbal, very much focused, well-chiselled, slightly smoky� And there�s this bitterness that keeps it a little �intellectual. 91pts " noting that he can't understand why the distillery got rid of these casks.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Jura 2006 12yo Refill Butt
700ml 48.40%
I haven't tried a Jura for quite some time, basically because most of the official bottlings from the near past just seemed so safe and lacking a little pizzaz. But this private bottling caught my eye after a tasting: rich and lush, loaded up with barley, mouthfilling with a goodly hint of the seaside. From a refill sherry butt, but light in colour, so suggest a dryer, lighter style of sherry, 366 bottles released.

Douglas Laing Old Particular Talisker 2009 8yo
700ml 48.40%
Pepper, salt, seaside air, tangy, engaging and always memorable. That's Talisker for me. And this limited bottled adds an additional dimensions: oiliness. And yes it is pricey for it's age, but how often do you see this spirit bottled by an indie under it's own name. You can also expect some quite strident peat in this youngster. Only 378 bottles released worldwide.

Highland Park 15yo
700ml 40.00%
This is an older version of the famed Highland Park spirit. Loads of honey, that hallmark whiff of smoke along with a good dose of sherry oak.

Highland Park 18yo
700ml 43.00%
And older bottling of this Aussie favourite. Here are some of my original notes, "Some say that this is best malt in the world, others say that it is the only malt worth drinking in the world and some say that there are certainly some whisky whackers out there. And me? An absolute champion of poise, elegance and that famous whiff of smoke. Murray rated it at 95.5pts.

Highland Park 25yo
700ml 48.10%
This is the whisky that most whisky aficionados go weak at the knees at. From the distillery...Colour: Natural colour; dark red golden, clear and bright. Bouquet: Very rich, mature oak; chocolate; fudge. Palate: Full, rich burst of flavour; soft honey; nutty toffee. Finish: Rich, long and surprisingly sweet for its age. This is an older bottling that was imported by Maxxium Aust,

Scapa Glansa GL04
700ml 40.00%
So nice to see Scapa back on the shelves in Oz. This 10/2017 release of this gentle Orcadian is all American oak matured and then the spirit is further matured in casks that had a peaty malt in it. So there is a big dose of creamy oak, a touch of fruitiness, mainly dark fruits and then what Gavin Smith describes as mild wood smoke, kicks in. Also notes from Whisky Boys, "Vanilla ice cream, singed honey and orange glazed ham, a little oak peeping in, sweet smoke from a beach bonfire, a feel of runny caramel, loads of well ripened tropical fruits."

Scapa Skiren
700ml 40.00%
This new to Oz but 2017 release is the sister malt to the mildly smoky Glansa. What sets Skiren apart, is that it is matured in first fill American oak. So expect a big dose of creamy, coconut flavoured oak on a bed of mildly tasting malt and spirit. From Edinburgh whisky blog, "Initial tropical notes remind me of fruit salad sweets, which give way to light vanilla, creamy fudge, manuka honey and pine wood."

Talisker 10yo
700ml 45.80%
Mmmmm..love that pungent scents of the sea, the big whiff of white pepper, the salty tang at the back and that classic mouthwatering finish. Love it! Buxton's 101.

Talisker 18yo
700ml 45.80%
How can you improve on perfection? Well I think the chaps at Talisker have with this 18yo...an absolute masterpiece of explosive flavours married to an amazingly complex palate. And the oak handling is just sublime.

Talisker 57" North
700ml 57.00%
A no age cak strength version of the ever popular and always reliable 10yo. As you could imagine it's powerful, intensive, even biting with a big dose of smoke, ash, sea spray & citrus notes. The added alcohol adds a really nice touch of freshness to this remarkable malt.

Talisker Malt Tasting Pack 3 x
200ml 49.50%
What a perfect tasting pack. 3 x 200ml bottles of Tali10yo, Distillers Edition and 57 Deg North.

Glengyle Kilkerran Work In Progress 2 Grey Label 6yo
700ml 46.00%
The feints of the 1st edition have gone and now this malt is starting to blossom. The length and zestiness bordering on salty of this mat is amazing and do like the crisp maltiness mid palate. Can't wait for the next one! From the distillery, "Nose: Light and fragrant, the nose leads you into the dram gently. Refreshing lemon citrus, hints of pear and just a dash of sherbet. Palate: Masses of sweet vanilla immediately take over the taste buds before the classic Campbeltown salt hits the tongue. Creamy toffee and butterscotch become apparent as the natural oils coat the mouth. Finish: gentle smoke comes from deep in the throat followed up by very pleasant ground spices".

Hazelburn 10yo
700ml 46.00%
Tiple distilled, fully matured in ex boubon casks and according to blogger SWB (I've yet to try it), "Palate: Thick and mouth coating with gently sweet, fruity oils with a pinch of spices. The quality from the nose comes through clearly into the palate. Theres a fudgey creamy quality and chocolate. Finish: Jam packed with gorgeous flavours, some of which are from the great quality bourbon wood. Its really long and leaves flavours on your palate for yonks, as long as many a peated whisky. Thoughts: I was hugely impressed with this dram when I had it as the first dram of a big Islay tour, and it always stood out in my mind after the tour, which already marked it out as a potential gem."

Hazelburn 12yo Sherry
700ml 46.00%
Springbank Distiller's latest triple distilled, ex sherry cask matured, unpeated single malt. And I have to say that this is one sensational malt! And I mean that in its truest sense: the nose is subtly expressive, plenty of old, dark furniture notes, hints of dried orange zest, pepper, cardamom with a hint of bitter marmalade. Very supple, very classy with all the senses fully engaged. So bring on the palate. Fabulous oak: plenty of dried fruits, bitter orange that sits well with subtle malt. Initially sweet then the pepper and crisp spirit arrives at the end leaving a very intriguing, but lasting finish. Typical Springbank: lots of angles & crisp intensity as well as being just huge on the palate. Magic stuff.

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  ITEMS 41 TO 60 OF 413
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