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Ardbeg 10yo
700ml 46.00%
Since Glenmorangie and then Moet Hennessy got behind this distillery, there has been no looking back as this so called "entry level" malt is of a standard that few malts have ever come close to. Clean, precise, intense, complex, mouthfilling and of course highly peaty. Awesome in all departments. Just ask Jim Murray, Franz Scheurer and a raft of other notable whisky scribes. Buxton's 101.

Cadenhead Small Batch 175th Glen Moray 1992 24yo
700ml 50.90%
I suspect that there are not many over 20yo Glen Morays in existence, especially at cask strength. This distillate comes from the old owners, Macdonald and Muir, whoi went onto become Glenmorangie Plc. Official notes read, "Green apple skins, touches of cocoa powder, mango and passion fruit." I'm guessing that it is quite a fruity dram?

Cadenhead Small Batch Glen Moray 1998 17yo
700ml 55.80%
Once the sad cousin of the illustrious Glenmorangie with its spirit being mainly used for cheap buyer's own brands. But today, it has been totally transformed. However, this Cadenhead bottling dates back to that earlier period. More notes to follow.

Glenmorangie 10yo Original
700ml 40.00%
I recently had the chance to reacquaint myself with the entire range of Glenmorangies. This new Original replaces the old 10yo, and I remember at the time that there was some criticism surrounding the change over. But let me allay your fears, this "new" 10yo Original, yes it says 10yo on the back label. This malt is so pure and perfumed with just the right amount of creamy oak. On the palate it's creamy, intense and lingering and that highly complex & fruity spirit that Glenmorangie's high stills are famous for, still shines through. Benchmark stuff!!

Glenmorangie 12yo Lasanta
700ml 46.00%
Lastanta, the new model that replaces the old Olroso Sherry finish. An easy going style, plenty of dried fruit, nuts & toffee flavours, some sweet/pulpy fruit notes and a soft, finishes softly with hints of spiced orange and hazelnuts. it's sherried gentleness is quite engaging. Oh, and by the way, I believe Lasanta is actually Gaelic for warmth & passion.

Glenmorangie 12yo Nectar D'or Sauternes Cask Finish
700ml 46.00%
This is certainly going against the tide. Where most distilleries are ditching their age statements, Glenmorangie proudly upgrades theirs! Typical bright, intensive and citrusy Glenmorangie spirit partially matured in French oak that contained that very sweet, botrytised wine of Bordeaux: Sauternes. To me itís one of their best topped dressed yet.

Glenmorangie 12yo Quinta Ruban
700ml 46.00%
The Quinta Ruben is the current rendition of the old Glenmorangie Port Finish. But this time, the 6 months top dressing has gone as the ex bourbon matured spirit is now aged for an additional 2 years in used Port pipes. belive me, this makes a difference as the extra maturation promotes more substantial oak flavours than fleeting wine notes. It's fruity and richly scented on the nose but on the palate there is initially some tight intensive flavours that give way toa luscious, fruit sweet middle palate. The finish is crisply dry and there's loads of Glenmorangie's famed spirirt complexity. Nice one! Buxton's 101.

Glenmorangie Dornoch Limited Edition
700ml 43.00%
Lumsden gets all excited over (lightly) peaty Glenmo plus American oak meets Amontillado casks.

Glenmorangie Legends The Duthac
1000ml 43.00%
Originally, this "Legend" was released exclusively for Travel Retail, so a tasty mix of mix of virgin American oak and PX sherry casks. And as a bonus? It's in a litre bottle.

Glenmorangie Milsean Private Edition
700ml 46.00%
At the time, this dram was rather controversial, as the Scotch Whisky Association didn't like the idea of the toasting of Portuguese red wine barrels without scraping them out. They regarded the whisky as having added flavour and colour.

Glenmorangie Taster Pack 4 x 10cl 400ml
Also new for Xmas 2018 comes tihs neat ittle taster pack from Glenmorangie. 4 x 100ml tasting pack comprising the core of the Gleno range: 10yo Original, 12yo Lasanta, 12yo Nectar DOr and 12yo Quinta Ruben.

Ardbeg 17yo Old Bottling
700ml 40.00%
RARE Oh how I fondly remember this gem which was launched in 1997 just after Glenmorangie bought the distillery. Sadly it didn't last very long as it was discontinued in 2004. The original official 1999 tasting notes read, "Nose: The gentlest of peats, yet deep and confident with an enticing sweetness - a heady mixture of malt and vanillins. Vaguely salty and very complex with oak present but very much in harness. Just a hint of bourbon and even a fainter hint of tangy orange to widen the spectrum. Taste: There is a much greater presence of peat in the taster than the nose suggests. The smokiness quickly hits the palate and then tapers off. That said, the middle shows an excellent chewy malt alongside a touch of cocoa. Finish: The peat returns and guarantees and enormously long finale. The taste of the malt clings and hints of liquorice and dry toast are detected. This form of oakiness continues but never becomes sappy or too dry as the peat balances this out beautifully." Actual pic shown.

Glenmorangie Signet
700ml 46.00%
It's Back!!! Signet: I was wondering how long it would take until some clever distiller decided to play with his/hers wash. So once again, those innovators at Glenmorangie have pulled it off, using a highly toasted barley malt or to use the brewers terms, a chocolate malt, sourced from around Tain. The resultant whisky was then matured in a combination of ex bourbon, Oloroso and get this, new oak casks as well! And wait there is more, this spirit is then married to a number of other well aged (up to 35yo) Glenmorangie spirits. And the results: Pungent, perfumy, even afterhsvae, plenty of roasted malt flavours, along with sherry and Artisan cask richness, plenty of fruit cake characters as well.

SEARCH   CATALOGUE - Search: FOR glenmorangie
  ITEMS 1 TO 13 OF 13
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