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Ardbeg 10yo Warehouse Gift Tin
700ml 46.00%
Ever wanted to own an Ardbeg warehouse? Well here's your big chance! The only thing is that this Ardbeg warehouse only holds 1 x bottle. But what a bottle, as it is the famed, big hearted and well peated Ardbeg 10yo. Limited supply.

Ardbeg Alligator
700ml 51.20%
Here it is, the latest and greatest from Ardbeg...this time the casks are highly toasted to within an in inch of their lives...... From the Malt Advocate, "Similar to the standard Ardbeg 10 year old, except that a portion of the whisky was aged in heavily charred barrels (referred to as an "alligator" char). An aggressive whisky � even for Ardbeg � with a leathery texture throughout. Dynamic too, with coal tar, soot, bourbon barrel char, espresso, cocoa, licorice root, smoked fish, and a hint of ginger. There's a nice creamy vanilla underbelly to balance the aggressiveness and (at least partially) muzzle the Alligator. �John Hansell 92 points."

Ardbeg An Oa
700ml 46.60%
So do we say goodnight to Corryvreckan and say so-long to Uigeadail? That's what I was told, but then others beg to differ. So, meet the new no age statement Ardbeg: An Oa, Is it going to be their replacement? A mix of casks including PX Sherry, Bourbon oak, French oak charred new oak. Dry and sooty is how one pundit put it while Murray rates it at 95.5pts.

Ardbeg Ardbog
700ml 52.10%
Here we go...the latest release for Ardbeg Day. For me this is a mightily impressive dram. And what impresses me most? Is it�s restraint. And it�s richness on the palate. The peat is subtle until the very end, when it kicks in and declares itself as a true Ardbeg. Loads of barley sugar, massive, rich oak, borders on being syrupy but the alcohol and peat keeps it all in check. My rating: Ace! The lad at www,caskstrength.net, "Nose: A briney note hits first, with a touch of liniment, a little coal dust and a wee blast of menthol, all bog wrestling for your attention. Underneath, a slight liquorice root develops, with a sweeter tablet/vanilla rich chocolate note, some white pepper and a waft of wood smoke. Palate: The coal notes develop, with salt-crusted barbecued pork, some drying oak notes and a hint of sweet tablet again, backdropped by a luscious coating of smoky hickory wood. The mouthfeel is rich and unctuous and very easy drinking, despite its strength. Finish: Lengthy iodine and singed BBQ pork give the palate a formidable run for its money. Overall: Boom. This is absolutely sterling stuff, raised from the very bowels of the peat bogs, but with so much more alongside. Whereas last year's Ardbeg Day was a little threadbare in places, this is a full on 15-tog-patchwork-quilt of a whisky, bristling with character. "

Ardbeg Blasda
700ml 40.00%
The toned down Ardbeg 10yo? 8ppm of peat, an alcohol strength of 40%, contained in a clear glass bottle and highly contentious too. Not surprisingly my notes still refer to peat!!

Ardbeg Corryvreckan
700ml 57.10%
It comes from Ardbeg's experiments in the late 1990's and suprisngly is matured or part matured in French oak along with the usual ex Bousbon oak. Belived to be a marriage of Ardbeg's 10yo and Uigeadail. From John Hansell, Malt Advocate, "Powerful, muscular, well-textured, and invigorating. Even within the realm of Ardbeg, this one stands out. The more aggressive notes of coal tar, damp kiln, anise and smoked seaweed are supported by an array of fruit."

Ardbeg Day Exclusive Committee Release
700ml 56.70%
This is the 2012 Committee release and I'm led to believe that it is assembly of two vintages matured in bourbon casks and then married / finished in refill sherry casks previously used for Ardbeg Uigeadail. Bottled at cask strength 56,7%.

Ardbeg Grooves
700ml 46.00%
Regular release for the “summer of peat & love.” The style of this strident dram is based on heavily charred red wine casks. As you can imagine, loads of oak competes witht he alcohol and peat. But it is still in balance.

Ardbeg Kelpie 2017 Committee Release
700ml 51.70%
A marriage of American and Russian Black Sea oak and that full on Ardbeg peat. Released in 2017.

Ardbeg Perpetuum
700ml 47.40%
Brand new for June 2015 and of course very limited in supply. I'll leave it to Doug from ForWhiskyLOvers, "Aroma: Mellow, rich and enticing, with the unmistakable Ardbeggian combination of tar, soot and pine resin. A remarkably fresh bouquet for such a peaty whisky. Taste: Creamy and mouth-chilling, slightly chewy. Finish: Intense, robust peat smoke, savory smoky bacon, cinnamon and nutmeg, but also an incredible creamy, sweet vanilla/milk chocolate note, which soothes the palate. Only 6,600 bottles of Perpetuum have been released worldwide, so this truly is a limited edition whisky. So if you want a bottle, get it now..." And from Huon Hooke in The Age, "Commemorating Ardbeg�s 200th anniversary in 2015, this is unbelievably peaty � even for Islay. It�s a fantastic spirit, aromatic and intense, with penetrating flavour , but not sharp. A most impressive malt."

Ardbeg Twenty Something 23yo
700ml 46.30%
A 2017 release of Ardbeg's oldest spirit to date. A mix of Bourbon and Oloroso sherry oak leaves this well-aged dram according to Dr Bill, "deep, rich, smoky and silky."

Ardbeg Uigeadail
700ml 54.20%
The Uigeadail adds sherry to the Ardbeg range, and a mighty fine dram it is. Very intense, lots of peat (as you could imagine) but the addition of fino sherry oak along with the trademark bourbon wood to the mix, adds another dimension to this champion malt. Buxton's 101 & 97.5pts Jim Murray's Whisky Bible 2010.

Berry Bros Bunnahabhain 1990 21yo Sherry Cask 19
700ml 46.00%
Big, fat and sherried. What a dram! The spirit comes from the era before the Edrington Group bought out Highland distillers. From WhiskyBase contributor Robinzon25, "The taste perfectly combines shades of dried fruits, wood, hot pepper, cinnamon and orange peel. Aftertaste: extremely long, sherry, warming. In the mouth for a long time there are shades of prunes, dried apricots, black chocolate, coffee, grape seeds and delicate oak. Excellent! Conclusion: juicy, lively, consistent whisky, with a good balance and strength. A real sherry monster! I was impressed by this example. I will not be greedy, I will put a high mark. Rating: 92."

Blackadder Peat Reek Single Islay Malt 2018
700ml 46.00%
It's a famed Blackadder. It's a single malt. It's from Islay. And it's loaded with peat. What more could you ask for? All bourbon cask matured and the cask hasn't been messed around with. Full flavoured and as natural as they come.

Blackadder Raw Cask Bunnahabhain 1990 22yo Statement Sherry Cask No 6
700ml 54.20%
No caramel colouring and as dark as dark!! This is a very special release from Blackadder, matured in a single sherry butt with an outturn of only 506 bottles world wide. Full sherried, old fashioned Bunny's are a true joy to behold. Serious, long, slightly dry with plenty of subtle sherried fruit and kitchen spice flavours.

Blackadder Raw Cask Loch Indaal 2007 10yo Peated Bruichladdich
700ml 64.30%
New for 2019, a massive Laddie and fully peated to 50ppm and all American oak matured. A joy to behold.

Blackadder Raw Cask Peat Reek Single Islay Malt 2018
700ml 57.10%
This is Blackadder's big peat monster possibly made up a of one or a number of highly peated & assertive whiskies. And being Raw Cask, means you get the added bonus of the bits in the bottom of the bottle. The outturn was from one single hogshead.

Blackadder Raw Cask Smoking Islay Blended Malt 2019
700ml 60.20%
The dram that I think put Blackadder on the whisky map. A blend of Islay single malts with a massive dose of Islay peat in all it's smoking glory.All bourbon oak for this season.

Bowmore 10yo The Devils Casks Release 2 First Fill Sherry Casks
700ml 56.30%
The second of the famous Bowmore series of specialist bottlings. A mix of Oloroso and PX sherry oak are used for the maturation of this fulsome dram and gently peaty dram. Only 6,000 bottles released. Pic indicative only.

Bowmore No 1
700ml 40.00%
The Whisky_Show Exclusive Offer - For Saturday 28th only!! First fill bourbon, classic subtle peat, creamy sweet and Murray states, "Light to medium bodied, with an attractive coastal / fruity edge to the barley. Passionfruit builds alongside vanilla, becoming more oily / sooty towards the finish. 91.5pts."

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