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Wild Turkey 10yo Russells Reserve 101 US Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Signed Jimmy Russell
750ml 50.50%
This is something special. Not only is the spirit special and pretty hard to find, this offering also comes signed by The Man himself, Mr Jimmy Russell. So what do we have? A hand picked, cask strength, well-aged Kentucky bourbon. And it's an older bottling, which was released between 2001 and 2004. Actual pic shown.

Cadenhead Potter Distilling Canadian Indian Corn 11yo
700ml 55.10%
Bottled in 2000! But only 372 bottles produced. Have yet to try it but, the WWW forum has, "Nose: Vanilla, summer fruits, orange, sour dough and elastoplast. Palate: Icing sugar on fire, peppermint, oily and pleasant. Finish: Long and sugary with a slight bitter edge at the end. Comment: Obviously this stuff is not selling as it has now been available for 9yrs, but there's no good reason for that. This is good whisky. I want more." Pic indicative only.

Canadian Club 20yo
750ml 40.00%
The Whisky_Show Exclusive Offer - For Saturday 28th only!! Twenty years of age! At this price!! "Creamy delivery that echoes the nose and adds creme caramel, hints of cinnamon toast and delicate orange zest."

Kavalan Oloroso Sherry Oak
700ml 46.00%
This distillery has certainly struck a chord with whisky aficionados across the globe. I’ve been told that this is a detuned, ie lower alcohol, Soloist. According to MaltMileage, “Overall, Kavalan sherry oak is a balanced, smooth, integrated, powerful, rich and flavoursome dry sherry bomb that projects hues of barley that glisten through the intricately woven oak notes.” And as he says, “it’s one of my favourites.” And scores it 94/100. 203050sale

Kavalan Solist Sherry Original Packaging S060703030
700ml 57.80%
The sherry cask releases from Kavalan have always been impressive and chocked full of flavour. This earlier release is no exception. I note that some describe is Dark Sherry. Only 546 bottles released worldwide. International Wine & Spirits Competition Double Gold 2011. Actual pic shown. 203050sale

Kavalan Solist Sherry Original Packaging S060904031
700ml 57.80%
One of the original releases in the canister rather than the box. Big and rich. 203050sale

New Zealand Whisky Collection 25yo The 25 Year Old Batch 1 NZ Single Malt Whisky
500ml 46.00%
These whiskies from The New Zealand Whisky Collection intrigued me, mainly because they came for a long disused distillery Willowbank and because they tasted so good. And look at the age, how did they keep this hidden for so long? Official notes read, "Nose Subtle Smoke, Yellow fruit and Drying Grass Taste Sweet Malt, Golden Fruits, Vanilla. Light Peat Influence Finish Light and Silky with Delicate Oak and Sweetness. Matured in American oak."

New Zealand Whisky Collection Oamaruvian 18yo Whisky Show Exclusive
500ml 55.88%
The Whisky_Show Exclusive Offer - For Saturday 28th only!! These whiskies from The New Zealand Whisky Collection intrigued me, mainly because they came for a long disused distillery Willowbank and because they tasted so good. And look at the age, I suspect this is a grain and malt blend, full flavoured and quite sumptuous.

New Zealand Whisky Collection Willowbank 23yo American Oak
500ml 40.00%
Another well-aged Kiwi from that now departed Willowbank Distillery.

Three Ships 5yo South African Scottish Blended Whisky
750ml 43.00%
A blend that includes Scottish spirit from South Africa. 203050sale

Warenghem Armorik 10yo Single Malt
700ml 46.00%
From that classy Brittany producer Warenghem comes this very tasty malt. Mainly ex Bourbon casks are used for maturation but there is a dash of sherry oak in the mix as well. Malty, sweetly rich and oily and as one blogger has described it, "fresh and fruity, balanced and complex." 203050sale

Warenghem Armorik 2006 10yo Single Cask Sauternes Single Malt
700ml 56.00%
An exclusive for Le Baron Des Spirits Australie. The label even shows an old print of Australie and is dedicated to the 2017 tour of this country by M David Roussier, GM of Armorik. Lush and sweet. 203050sale

Warenghem Armorik 2012 Dervenn Virgin Oak Single Malt
700ml 46.00%
This is either a four or five year year ols single malt. But the good folks at Warenghem have matured this dram in new Breton oak barrels. From last year's Warenghem national tour, this was an absolute star. Massive palate, all enveloping flavour and a richness of both oak and malt, balanced up with crisply clean spirit made this a whisky an absolute gem. 203050sale

Warenghem Armorik Double Maturation Breton Oak Sherry Oak
700ml 46.00%
Just in, tasting notes to follow...but this dram uses both Breton and sherry oak! And get this, it has peat!! Has been called feisty & earthy. 203050sale

Warenghem Armorik Maitre De Chai Breton Single Malt
700ml 47.30%
A single cask offering that is soft and fruity and is made from local French barley using local French oak for maturation. This is a very pleasant and distinctive single malt. Only 1000 bottles released. 203050sale

Cadenhead 175th Enmore Distillery 1990 26yo MEV Guyana Rum
700ml 57.20%
Is rum coming back into favour? As far as we are concerned, it never left!! 26yo pot still Guyanan rum, soft, gentle and oh so complex and at cask strength. And best of all for me? It comes off wooden stills!

Cadenhead 175th Trinidad Distillers 1991 25yo TMAH Trinidad Rum
700ml 64.30%
New for 2018, this is a rich and mouthfilling rum. And at such an age. Such ageing can only be achieved in the cool climate of Scotland. 6 bottles only allocated to Australia.

Cadenhead 175th Trinidad Distillers 2005 12yo TMAH Trinidad Rum
700ml 67.40%
New for 2018 in Oz, this rum is all about being massive and very expressive. Especially at a whopping 67.4% ABV. Bonded 2005, bottled 2017. Trinidad Distillers is part of Angostura that can boast 7 column still producing over 18 million litres annually. So, huge in every department.

Cadenhead Classic 2001 17yo Special Edition Rum
700ml 50.00%
The regular Classic Rum is the mainstay of Cadenhead's rum brands, so as special treat for 2019, they have released a single cask Classic_17yo from the original Classic rum stock from 2001. The spirit is a mix of pot and column still styles. In their words, "A definite Jamaican influence, hints of diesel, burnt olive oil, chocolate orange cake and quite waxy."

Cadenhead Classic Rum
700ml 50.00%
Cadenhead's entry level vatted rum and for 2017 now comes in a spiffy new package. According to the bottlers, "The classic is a blending of several dark rums from Guyana (Demerara mainly) the age is around 5-7 years old but they will use up to 10 year old for the consistency as and when needed. While their official tasting note: Nose: Let it breathe. Heavy molasses; tropical fruits; liquorice. Palate: Chocolate orange. Slightly spicy with a long finish. Excellent! Couldn't agree more.

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  ITEMS 381 TO 400 OF 413
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